Styling workshop with Patricia Field ~ by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

I hope things have been well with all of you. I just realised how long it’s been since I last posted and even though heaps of stuff has been happening, I’ll admit I’ve been a bit forgetful to write about it. Nevertheless better late than never!

So today I’ll be writing about a styling workshop I attended last month with the amazing Patricia Field. Patricia Field is the costume designer for TV shows and movies like Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and is a stylist to many of the stars in Hollywood.

The workshop was held at Lakeside Joondalup as part of their Urban Couture Program. The Urban Couture Program is an initiative designed to commend the amazing work of local fashion designers, artists, photographers and all-round creative individuals through a program of events, masterclasses and workshops. One of those workshops was the “Styling with Patricia Field” workshop which I won VIP passes to!

So two weeks or so before the workshop I saw a competition on Lakeside Joondalup’s Instagram page to win VIP tickets to the event. I tried my luck and joined it without any expectations of winning yet much to my surprise I actually was one of the winners!

For the event I brought Michelle and we got the VIP treatment of free finger food and drinks, VIP seating at the front and a voucher for the mall.

The workshop comprised of three parts and was hosted by a local Fashion Stylist Andrea Tonkin. The first part comprised of an interview and Q&A session with Patricia, the second was a styling session where 5 of the VIP winners were chosen to get an outfit makeover and the third was a meet and greet with her.

When Patricia came on stage the whole audience and even passerbys started cheering and applauding for her. Patricia is extremely witty and has a great sense of humour which was evident throughout the workshop through her little jokes and banter with the host. She shared a lot of ideas and some of the main tips/tricks that I learned from her are:

• When it comes to fashion, mix it up! Patricia feels an outfit comprised of only couture items is boring BUT outfits mixed up with a vintage item etc gives more colour, personality and more life.

• You don’t have to follow trends. Patricia commented numerous times on how she dislikes the, especially the cold shoulder trend!

• Be creative! Patricia used random items like socks/stockings and cut holes in them to make gloves and used necklaces as belts to jazz up plain outfits.

• Wear what YOU feel comfortable in and most confident in. Throughout the styling workshop she never pushed any of the girls out of their comfort zones.

• It doesn’t matter where your clothes come from, what matters is how YOU feel in them.

After the interview, 5 audience members were then given a fashion makeover out of garments sourced from Lakeside Joondalup retailers. After the 5 girls all were dolled up on their new outfits Patricia then showed the audience some of the most iconic Sex & The City costumes. As a major fan of the show I was so excited to see Carrie’s famous tulle skirt from the intro, the big flower dress from the movie and even the bird from Carrie’s wedding!

We then had the chance to meet her and I had such a big fan girl moment! When it was my turn I went up to her and gave her a hug whilst commenting on how happy I was to meet her. She complimented my outfit and I nearly passed out!

This was definitely an experience to remember! I got to meet one of my fashion idols, learned some interesting things and experienced a fashion workshop with a celebrity stylist.

Here’s to more many exciting and spontaneous experiences in 2018 for me! Thanks for reading my posts lovelies and thanks so much to my new followers. I really appreciate your support. Take care and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing


Six Willows Cafe Review ~ Foodie Post by According To Ing

Hi everyone,

How’s it going? Good hopefully! Anyway here’s a quick review of another cafe I went to recently with my friend Darren called Six Willows cafe. Just like Gordon Street Garage in my last post, I’ve been to Six Willows a few times before but have just never gotten around to writing a review on it.

Six Willows is a small suburban cafe located in a neighbourhood south of the river in Perth. Although it’s quite small, there’s indoor and outdoor seating (perfect for bringing along your dogs) and a little retail area selling some lovely WA local artisan wares like handmade jewellery, art, keep cups/bottles and so much more.

I love how the atmosphere here is always very laid back, the staff are always friendly and it’s just got a really nice and relaxing air about the place. Back when I was studying I used to stop over there at times for a quick coffee whilst reading or studying – good coffee and dessert whilst reading/studying…what a perfect combo!

The food menu for Six Willows is an all day brunch menu with options for lighter meals like smoothie bowls, salads and bruschetta or more filling dishes like brekkie burgers, the Six Willows Rustic Breakfast (with the works!), eggs Benedict and more. Six Willows also has baked goods and treats to order (which I maybe should have done instead of being greedy and ordering three mains instead). The good thing is that for brunch food and cafe prices, the food at Six Willows is pretty reasonable with the most expensive dish being $20. If you’re looking to not break the bank whilst craving a bit of brunch, this is definitely a place to consider.

To eat Darren ordered a breakfast burger which consists of sous vide beef, a fried egg, bacon strips, American cheese, lettuce, house beetroot relish and hollandaise sauce in a brioche bun.

I ordered the banofee pancakes (banana pancakes with salted caramel sauce, cookie crumb, whipped cream and sliced bananas and strawberries) and they were so good! Thankfully the caramel sauce wasn’t too sweet and I really liked how well it all tasted together! How pretty does it look by the way?

And because Darren and I were really hungry, we ordered a third dish to share! The third was the “I love you berry matcha” French toast with matcha brioche French toast with white chocolate, strawberry mouse, matcha ganache, fresh strawberries and lychees and vanilla ice cream. Once again, another pretty looking dish! This was pretty good as well but I personally was too full after finishing my pancakes to eat lots of this.

To drink I had a spearmint milkshake for this meal. I’ve ordered some of their coffees before and I enjoyed them but today I felt like a milkshake….which was pretty average. I’ll probably try one of their smoothies or their Nutella gourmet milkshake next time.

Overall what do I have to say about Six Willows? It’s definitely a cute little suburban cafe lots of good eats and good coffee that’s reasonably priced, the staff are always friendly and I love how chilled out the place is! They also hold workshops there on some weekends and during school holidays which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for.

That’s all for now! Take care lovelies and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

Gordon Street Garage and Mop Donuts~ Foodie post by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How’s everyone doing? Here’s just a quick review of one of my favourite cafes (mainly cause it’s so pretty) in Perth called Gordon Street Garage.

Gordon Street Garage is located in Perth city within walking distance from the Watertown discount outlet mall. I’ve been here many times before but on this most recent trip I brought along my friend Darren to try it out.

Gordon Street Garage is a two story cafe and restaurant with a roastery in it (Mano Coffee Roastery) that’s been converted from a garage. The whole cafe’s design aesthetic is quite minimal but they have cute little booths to sit in indoors and a small courtyard section to sit outdoors.

The restaurant has two different menus (one for brunch and the other lunch) and we arrived at 10ish just in time for brunch (as after 11.45am they swap over to the lunch/dinner menu). I ordered an iced decaf mocha to drink (which was perfect to cool me down on a hot Perth summer day!) and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too bitter or too sweet which has been the case with some iced coffee drinks I’ve ordered from other places. To eat, Darren ordered some baked eggs and wood-fired lamb shoulder with harissa, cornbread, labne and greens. Mmmmm I love cornbread. Darren liked it and ate it all!

I ordered a salmon omelette with coriander, spring onion, chilli, radish and lime. The omelette was light and fluffy and seasoned well (not too salty despite the salmon in it) and I enjoyed it too! It was pretty big though so I needed some help from Darren to finish it off. The wood fired lamb shoulder cost $24 and my omelette cost $22.

After we ate, we decided to explore the outdoor seating area behind restaurant. The small courtyard was a shaded area with foliage, mix and match stools, chairs and tables. Whilst we were there, we noticed lots of people taking pictures and we joined in (naturally)!

Overall, I’ve been to Gordon Street Garage many times since its opened and for my most recent review I’d have to say that the setting/environment is still one of the best that I’ve been to in regards to Perth cafes, service was pretty good, the coffee was nice and the food was nice and well cooked but the menu was a bit limited (would have loved a big brekkie with the works) and we were keen to order bread on the menu but found out that we’d only get two slices of it for $7. If you’re in Perth looking for a pretty cafe to dine at this would be one of them!

After that we went and explored the Perth Fringe Festival and did some shopping in the city. Towards the later part of the afternoon we started feeling peckish again so we went to Mop Donuts in Perth City and got some dessert!

So I ordered a Mint Aero donut which was filled with Mint Aero custard and was $4.90 and Darren ordered the Curly Wurly which was filled with salted caramel custard, had a salted caramel glaze and a curly wurly strap on top and was $5.90. If you’re like me and are crazy for mint chocolate, GET the mint aero donut! It was so good!

Anyway that’s all for now lovelies! Take care and in my next post I’ll be writing about some of the Perth Fringe World Festival events that I attended! Thanks for reading!

xx Ing from According To Ing

📸 Shout out to Darren for being the photographer for the day! Thanks!

Meditation apps I love and use ~ Reviews by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone? Can you believe that the first month of 2018 is almost over?! I hope you all have been having a great start to the year so far.

So one of the things I wanted to do this year was focus on myself and be more mindful of my thoughts, my goals, what I want in life, regulating my emotions better and more. One of the active steps I’m taking to accomplish all that is by meditating.

I used to do meditation every now and then in yoga class but it was never really a practice that I thought I’d embed into my daily routine. Much to my surprise, here I am in 2018 actually enjoying taking time out during my day to relax, reflect and find peace amongst the busy activities of the day. Some people are able to meditate on their own but I prefer using meditation apps to help guide me. I’ve tried a few different ones but the two that really stuck to me were Headspace and Calm.

So first up…Headspace.

So like any meditation app, Headspace provides guided meditation. If you’re a newbie to meditation like I am and find it slightly challenging to focus through a long session, Headspace has a great series of introductory sessions in their basic pack to help you ease your way into guided meditation. The introductory sessions in the basic pack teaches you some practices to help you feel relaxed and comfortable but still aware and focused. The best part is that you can adjust the length of the sessions in either 3, 5 or 10 minutes if you are always on the go and don’t have much time to spare.

One of the best things about Headspace’s library is that they have hundreds of themed sessions for different categories such as emotions (happiness, health and brave), sport and even a category for students! I used to fall asleep almost instantly at the start but the sessions in the basic pack helped me achieve that balance between being relaxed but mindful and alert, thus paying attention to the session. I especially enjoyed the sessions on self esteem. The app is extremely easy to manoeuvre and there’s some cute animations and cartoon characters as part of the app’s aesthetic.

Next up is Calm

Whilst researching and trying out different meditation apps I came across Calm. If you’re like me and enjoy visiting spas, getting massages and just relaxing then Calm is perfect for you! Unlike Headspace, on Calm you can opt for choosing your own background noise if you want (either nature sounds like rain, the ocean etc or soft, gentle meditation music) for whichever meditation session you choose. Calm also has a widespread library of different topics to focus on like Happiness, Personal Growth and Self Care, Relationships and more. I really like their “7 days of Happiness”, “7 Days of Self Esteem” and I’m starting on their “Relationships With Self” series soon.

Calm also has a section on sleep stories for both adults and children that are very effective with lulling me to sleep. In addition to that, Calm also has a section called “Calm Masterclass” which has special guests who do sessions on specific topics (the most recent one is titled “Breaking Bad Habits” and its by a world renowned psychiatrist and addiction expert Judson Brewer).

Overall I love both apps, I originally started off with Headspace but then deviated more towards Calm due to the background music and how I prefer the voice of the Calm meditation guide. I still really enjoy the content of Headspace however and I go back and forth using both apps. Both need a subscription to access their entire content so I recommend downloading both apps and doing a trial to see which one you prefer before buying them.

I hope you enjoyed reading the review and that it helps if you’re interested in starting meditation. Take care lovelies and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

OOTD Post 12 by According To Ing

Hello again lovelies,

How are you all going? So I’m still in Malaysia for a short holiday before heading back to work again and one of the days whilst I was here, I went for a shopping trip to a new mall that’s recently opened up nearby called Melawati Mall.

If you’ve been to KL you’d know that there’s an over abundance of malls scattered everywhere and most of them have the usual major fashion retail stores like Zara, Uniqlo, H&M etc. Melawati Mall on the other hand is still pretty new and whilst they haven’t opened up any of the major international fashion retailers yet they do have some cute Korean, Japanese and local fashion stores which I managed to get this outfit from.

So my top is from Brands Outlet and it’s an embroidered blouse with some trumpet sleeves. The skirt is from Coco Concept Store a Japanese clothing brand. Some of their stuff was very OUT there with some over the top frills and such but I really liked this skirt and they do have some toned down/nice wearable things. The sandals are from Vincci and they are so comfy I can see me using this everywhere and they give me that extra bit of height (since I’m so short). I quite frequently shop at Brands outlet and Vincci when I’m back in KL. Both the brands are part of the Malaysian group The Padini Group and their clothes and shoes are very on trend but at affordable prices.

My bag is from an Australian Shop back in Perth called Collette and by bracelet is from Mimco.

The good thing about the mall is also that there’s an area with different street art inspired paintings and all. If you’re visiting KL and would like a change from all the usual fashion retailers that you see in almost all the malls I’d definitely recommend for you to check out this mall!

Anyway that’s all for now! Take care lovelies and will write soon!

xx Ing from According To Ing

OOTD Post 11 by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone? I’m just posting a quick outfit of the day post from a birthday dinner the other night at this cute restaurant near my place in KL called Jibby East.

So here’s my outfit of the night! The photos aren’t the best quality but we were starving and in a rush to get in, order and eat!

So my off the shoulder top is from H&M (I love the whole off the shoulder trend and I have a few of these but with different patterns), my jeans are from Dotti , my bag is from Colette (an Australian bag and jewellery store) and the gold sandals are from good old KMart!

So that’s my outfit for the night – simple and comfy. Also you can see my new haircut and colour that I got done the day before! I wasn’t too keen on the copper highlights so I got them redone to a more chocolate brown today.

That’s all for now…take care lovelies!

xx Ing from According To Ing

Ps: Here’s a super cute pic of my coffee art from that night at dinner!

New year, new me (not) ~ Life post by AccordingToIng

Hi lovelies,

How’s everyone been? I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years and is stoked for 2018.

So I know that when the new year rolls around, people get all motivated and inspired with New Years resolutions and #newyearnewme posts and stuff. I’m totally on board with people having New Years resolutions and goals to better themselves but for me it’s more New Year, Same Me.

Hear me out…so 2017 was a year full of ups and downs for me but the tail end of it was particularly challenging and a very, very trying time for me (that’s a bit of an understatement). That being said at least I’ve learned (or re-learned) some lessons in life:

1. Never ever let someone define your worth.

2. You are whole on your own and you are enough.

Someone told me that sometimes you get little life lessons from the universe like little pebbles being thrown at you, and if you fail to learn, the life lessons hit you harder like rocks and boulders if you’re really unlucky! It’s now time for me to put to practice the lessons I’ve learned from 2017.

2018 is not going to be New Year, New Me. 2018 is going to be my year for rediscovering myself. For being honest with myself and getting in touch with my wants, needs and future goals. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, learning new things, exploring the world and even just appreciating every moment in the present. The support and love I have received from the people around me has reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am.

2018 isn’t a New Year, New Me. It is me just as I am, unlocking my full potential and who I was all along because I am enough and I am learning that as each day passes.

For everyone else whose been through a tough 2017, we got this!!

xx Ing from AccordingToIng

OOTD Post 10 by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

Hope everything is well with all of you! So finally spring has sprung in Perth, WA and there’ll be many wildflower festivals happening all over Perth. We’ve had the Cherry Blossom festival, the Jacaranda and the Wildflower festival in Kings Park will be happening soon.

Yesterday I went to the Araleun Botanic Park which is about a 50 minute drive from the city. I’ve been to the park before but this time was definitely special because it’s tulip season! Araluen Botanic Park boasts 59 hectares of developed gardens, featuring a diverse range of exotic and native species of plants. Their tulips, Camellias and tea roses though are what draws the crowd! 

When we got there there was live music, food stalls and heaps of people having BBQs and picnics. It was so nice just to be out and about soaking up the sun and enjoying the scenery. 


So my OOTD comprised of a loose fit peplum top from Shein (a very reasonably priced online shopping platform similar to Romwe etc), jeans from H&M and shoes from Dotti and my cat bag was a gift from PJ. 

I love how the weather is warming up but it’s still cool. Absolutely love spring! Anyway that’s all for now, thanks for reading!

xx Ing from According To Ing 

OOTD Post 9 by According to Ing

Hello lovelies,

How have you all been?! Long time no post BUT I’m back from my recent holiday in Sydney and thought I’d share with you one of my OOTDs while I was there! So I went to Sydney at the end of the month for a getaway with PJ (we haven’t seen each other since Christmas time – long distance relationships aren’t fun!) and we got really lucky with the weather (it only rained once) since apparently the week before was overcast and rainy.




image1 (2)

Since the weather was sunny but cool I sported one of my fav go to shift dresses from Beginning Boutique and my boots and denim jacket from Target.

image2 (2)

My bangle is from Pandora – a limited edition Christmas one with a Star Pavé clasp and my necklace is from Dotti.

image3 (1)

image2 (1)

The sunnies are from the Hawkers Australia Warwick range – they even come in Rose Gold but I missed out on those cause they sell out fast. Perhaps one day I’ll buy them! My bag is from Longchamp.  I had heaps of fun with this OOTD post since there were so many great locations for pics in Sydney- the ones from this post are in the Royal Botanical gardens, Luna Park and under the Sydney Harbour bridge.

I’ll be posting all about my trip soon with some recommendations of places to eat at, attractions to see and more. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions etc!

Bye for now lovelies!

xx Ing from According to Ing

image1 (3)

New hair @ the Nest Hair Boutique Perth by According to Ing

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone going?! My latest post is about my recent experience that I had today at the Nest Hair Boutique, Perth. I’m really excited to share my experience with you all because I’ve been wanting to get my hair done there for a long time and have finally got around to it!

The Nest Hair Boutique has been heralded as one of the top 10 hair salons in Perth, Western Australia according to websites such as UrbanList Perth and has countless reviews on their Facebook page, Yelp, TrueLocal and more that praise their skills (good knowledge and understanding of colour when it comes to hair) , the atmosphere of the place and its service. I had my hair dyed in the balayage style in April 2016 and since then I’ve had a few haircuts, my hair has grown out and I had really bad regrowth so I booked in an appointment at the Nest Hair Boutique (had to book it in a just over a month to get the date and time I wanted! They’re so busy!).



My experience started off with meeting my hairdresser Kaleigh and we had a consultation about what I wanted to do with my hair, what colours did I gravitate to etc. After showing her some pictures and ideas I saved on good ol’ Pintrest, Kaleigh gave her suggestions for what she thought would suit my skin tone and all best and I put my trust in her and let her go for it!

Kaleigh and the team at The Nest were great! They were all so warm and friendly and they were always checking up on you to see if you wanted more drinks (yes…you can have coffee, tea, water and even espresso martinis! What a bonus!), if you were comfortable or if you needed anything in general. It was really nice how easy it was to talk to them and they made me feel very welcome there.


Kaleigh dyed my hair using the balayage technique and foils and ‘something else’ (sorry I don’t know the technical terms…bear with me! Haha). I had to go to the next room which served as a waiting area whilst your hair colour was processing (?). Once again sorry for my lack of knowledge of the proper terms! This room had the wash basins, a table, a couch and A SNACK BAR stocked with tea, coffee, wine, cheese and crackers, lollies, nuts, and more!

image1 (1)






While waiting to get my hair toned and washed I had some more tea, some crackers and cheese and nuts. One thing I definitely need to shout out for is the amazing, relaxing head massage that you get when you’re getting your hair washed! It was AMAZING and I was so calm and relaxed I could have easily fallen asleep.

After that, Kaleigh dried my hair and gave the ends of my hair a trim before curling it. Here it is!




At first I couldn’t really see the detail or change of colours when my hair was wet but as she dried it the colours really began to show and I love every bit of it! I love the change from my first balayage and how the colours blend together so nicely and naturally this time around. I’m loving this new look and am so ready to take on the new season with it!



The whole process was quite long but thankfully they have free WIFI, heaps of magazines stacked around the place and food and drink to keep you going. The atmosphere is amazing and the decor is so beautiful and on trend. The staff there are so friendly, professional and you feel very safe in their hands! The head massage during your hair wash is also the bomb!


It can be hard to get a booking (especially on weekends) but they have a great online booking system that is easy to navigate through. Tip: Make a booking in advance and plan ahead especially if you want a spot on a weekend!


I’ve been to many different hairdressers and salons both in Perth and in Kuala Lumpur (my hometown) but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve walked away from them feeling 100% happy with my hair. My experience at the Nest Hair Boutique was a great one from start to finish – I didn’t feel pushed into buying unnecessary hair care products (that some hairdressers do), I felt like my voice was heard during the consultation and my ideas were taken into consideration, I felt welcomed there AND I left the place feeling confident, beautiful and proud of my new look. Probably the best salon I’ve been to and one I’ll definitely be seeing again!

xx Ing from AccordingToIng 

The Nest Hair Boutique

Shop 3/ 14-20 Hislop Road Attadale

089330 4190