New hair @ the Nest Hair Boutique Perth by According to Ing

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone going?! My latest post is about my recent experience that I had today at the Nest Hair Boutique, Perth. I’m really excited to share my experience with you all because I’ve been wanting to get my hair done there for a long time and have finally got around to it!

The Nest Hair Boutique has been heralded as one of the top 10 hair salons in Perth, Western Australia according to websites such as UrbanList Perth and has countless reviews on their Facebook page, Yelp, TrueLocal and more that praise their skills (good knowledge and understanding of colour when it comes to hair) , the atmosphere of the place and its service. I had my hair dyed in the balayage style in April 2016 and since then I’ve had a few haircuts, my hair has grown out and I had really bad regrowth so I booked in an appointment at the Nest Hair Boutique (had to book it in a just over a month to get the date and time I wanted! They’re so busy!).



My experience started off with meeting my hairdresser Kaleigh and we had a consultation about what I wanted to do with my hair, what colours did I gravitate to etc. After showing her some pictures and ideas I saved on good ol’ Pintrest, Kaleigh gave her suggestions for what she thought would suit my skin tone and all best and I put my trust in her and let her go for it!

Kaleigh and the team at The Nest were great! They were all so warm and friendly and they were always checking up on you to see if you wanted more drinks (yes…you can have coffee, tea, water and even espresso martinis! What a bonus!), if you were comfortable or if you needed anything in general. It was really nice how easy it was to talk to them and they made me feel very welcome there.


Kaleigh dyed my hair using the balayage technique and foils and ‘something else’ (sorry I don’t know the technical terms…bear with me! Haha). I had to go to the next room which served as a waiting area whilst your hair colour was processing (?). Once again sorry for my lack of knowledge of the proper terms! This room had the wash basins, a table, a couch and A SNACK BAR stocked with tea, coffee, wine, cheese and crackers, lollies, nuts, and more!

image1 (1)






While waiting to get my hair toned and washed I had some more tea, some crackers and cheese and nuts. One thing I definitely need to shout out for is the amazing, relaxing head massage that you get when you’re getting your hair washed! It was AMAZING and I was so calm and relaxed I could have easily fallen asleep.

After that, Kaleigh dried my hair and gave the ends of my hair a trim before curling it. Here it is!




At first I couldn’t really see the detail or change of colours when my hair was wet but as she dried it the colours really began to show and I love every bit of it! I love the change from my first balayage and how the colours blend together so nicely and naturally this time around. I’m loving this new look and am so ready to take on the new season with it!



The whole process was quite long but thankfully they have free WIFI, heaps of magazines stacked around the place and food and drink to keep you going. The atmosphere is amazing and the decor is so beautiful and on trend. The staff there are so friendly, professional and you feel very safe in their hands! The head massage during your hair wash is also the bomb!


It can be hard to get a booking (especially on weekends) but they have a great online booking system that is easy to navigate through. Tip: Make a booking in advance and plan ahead especially if you want a spot on a weekend!


I’ve been to many different hairdressers and salons both in Perth and in Kuala Lumpur (my hometown) but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve walked away from them feeling 100% happy with my hair. My experience at the Nest Hair Boutique was a great one from start to finish – I didn’t feel pushed into buying unnecessary hair care products (that some hairdressers do), I felt like my voice was heard during the consultation and my ideas were taken into consideration, I felt welcomed there AND I left the place feeling confident, beautiful and proud of my new look. Probably the best salon I’ve been to and one I’ll definitely be seeing again!

xx Ing from AccordingToIng 

The Nest Hair Boutique

Shop 3/ 14-20 Hislop Road Attadale

089330 4190


Rescued and rehomed Part 1 by According To Ing 

Hi lovelies,

How’s it going? I hope everyone is happy and all good. This week I wanted to post about something different and something really close to my heart – my little rescued cat Theo. The reason I’m writing this post is because today marks his first rescue-versary since we first got him. 

I’ve always loved animals – yes all of them! I’ve always possessed a deep understanding that all animals are sentient beings and have always felt compassion, love and care for them and am very passionate about animal rights and their wellbeing. I used to help mum and our other animal lover friends rescue stray animals that were hurt and try to either find a forever home for them or spay/neuter and release them. We have rescued cats before but I’ve always been more of a dog person (perhaps that’s cause we never had any cats growing up) until little Theo came into my life.

It all happened one late night when my friend Lukmi and I were walking home through my neighbourhood. We were pretty loud and rowdy yet we somehow managed to hear a little “mew” sound out from the darkness. I turned the torch on my phone on and looked around to investigate. What I found was a tiny and scrawny black kitten hiding behind a bin outside of a house. Naturally Lukmi and I went “Oooooh” and “awwww” when we saw the cute little thing as he yawned and stretched. Thinking that the kitten belonged to the owners of that house we said bye and started heading off back to my place. The kitten on the other hand had a different idea and started charging after us, dashing between our legs as we walked back, happily mewing and looking up at us. Although we attempted to coax it to go back home, the little black kitten was adamant to persist and followed us across two roads and almost a block back to mine. When we reached the front garden the sprinklers were on and while Lukmi and I made our way through them, the kitten got scared and started meowing loudly. Lukmi and I stopped in our tracks, glanced at each other and realised we couldn’t leave it there. We picked it up and brought it back to mine where it got comfortable quickly and happily started exploring the house.

Over the next few days Lukmi, my brother in law and others helped me to try and track down its owners and as time went on, no one came forward to claim the cat. We named her Midnight temporarily till we took her to the vet to get checked for a microchip and found out it was a boy! We tossed up a few different names but settled on Theo (named after an Arsenal FC football player Theo Walcott – we are Arsenal fans in this family). 

We waited for someone to come forward to claim him but with each day spent with him we fell more and more in love with this gutsy, playful and curious kitten. Theo quickly made himself at home and loved falling asleep on the bed with us, purring and kneading us and was fast, frisky and playful. After more than a month of trying to find if he had owners, we decided that he was part of the family. 

Theo is such a little character who we can’t help but love. He brings so much joy, laughter and love into our lives. Sometimes I think back to that day and wonder what would have happened if we left him, or if we surrendered him to a pound. We have no regrets adopting him and we love him with everything we have. 

The problem is there’s hundreds of other animals in Western Australia that need loving and caring forever homes – not just temporary ones for while they are young and cute. If you have love to give and have the resources to give a loving home to another animal please consider adopting one from a shelter or pound. Have a heart and consider it cause you’ll never know whether someone like little Theo can bring more joy, love and meaning to your life.

xx Ing from According to Ing 

Places to eat…Bistro Bellavista, Perth by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How has your week been? This week has once again been hectic but the weekend has been really fab and relaxing! One of the things I did this weekend was going out to dinner with dad, my sister and brother in law on Saturday night to an Italian restaurant in the city (East Perth) called Bistro Bellavista. 

Bistro Bellavista has been open for a few years now and we’ve been there numerous times before and loved the food. We haven’t been there since New Year’s Day so it was a pleasant surprise when we returned and found the place revamped and newly decorated. We found the new decor to be tasteful, minimalistic and it really brightened the place up. 

Anyway on to the important stuff- the food! For our entree we ordered prosciutto and mozzarella croquettes with house made basil pasta and fresh Parmesan ($14.90). These were so divine! The prosciutto and mozzarella mixture in the croquettes were so velvety, soft and tasty. I loved every bite of it! 

Dad ordered the spaghetti granchio ($29.90) sautéed blue swimmer crab meat in garlic, chilli and olive oil with San Marzano and basil sauce. Dad’s choice was really tasty- there was a decent amount of crab in there which blended well with the sauce. The freshly made pasta was amazing as well! I couldn’t stop stealing bites of it from him!

My brother in law ordered a tagliatelle bolognaise ($22.90). The tagliatelle was also freshly made and while I enjoyed the bolognaise sauce, I still preferred dad’s choice (mainly cause I love seafood). 

My sis and I shared a pizza al prosciutto ($24.90) which was topped with prosciutto, tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh baby spinach and shaved Padano Parmesan. This was a decent sized pizza and my sis and I loved everything about it. I was more than happy to eat just over half of it – we had the rest of it packed to take away ONLY cause we wanted space for dessert! Anyone else here a dessert person?

We were all so full BUT there’s always room for dessert! 

Dad ordered three scoops of their gelato – pistachio, strawberry and hazelnut. The strawberry was the best, followed by the pistachio and then the hazelnut. 

The brother in law ordered an afrogatto and the sis and I shared a tiramisu. We’re pretty big fans of the tiramisu here – it’s dusted with coffee on top, chocolate sauce on the bottom and has some nice chocolate crunchy bits on the side. The combo of these three things with the tiramisu is perfect! Definitely a dessert I recommend if you come here. 

Overall Bistro Bellavista is a lovely Italian place with great pasta and pizza. The decor made the atmosphere really relaxed and casual – a great place for a casual dinner date, catch ups with friends, family and such. The food was great and even though the prices range from medium to high depending on what you order the food, portion and service justifies the price. The service was great- the staff were all friendly (cracking jokes with us), always there to help and serve when needed and polite. I’ll definitely be back and recommend that if you’re ever in East Perth, stop on over at Bistro Bellavista for a nice lunch or dinner. That’s all for now! Have a great week lovelies!

xx Ing from According To Ing 

Bistro Bellavista

150 Bennett St, East Perth, W.A 6004

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 10am (Breakfast) & 5:30pm – 9:30pm (Dinner)
Friday: 7am – 10am (Breakfast) & 5:30pm – 9:45pm (Dinner)
Saturday: 8am – 10am (Breakfast) & 5:30pm – 9:45pm (Dinner)
Sunday: 8am – 2:30pm (Breakfast & Lunch) & 5:30pm – 9:30pm (Dinner)

OOTD Post 8 by According To Ing 

Hi lovelies,

How’s it  going? Today I’m just doing a quick post on what I wore today for brunch with the family in the city. We went to an oldie but goodie cafe called The Tuck Shop that has some pretty awesome pies and modern Australian food.  Here’s my look for the day! 

The weather over the past fortnight in Perth has been bipolar – majority of last week was all rainy, humid and cooler and this week it’s been hot (with temperatures in the 40s). 

Since it was sunnier today I sported a lightweight chiffon top from Valleygirl, my faux leather scallop hem shorts are from H&M, my black bucket bag and sandals are from Padini (a store in Malaysia) and my bracelet is from Pandora

*Ignore my sheepish grin please, I was laughing heaps cause my photographer is one funny guy*

Anyway here’s my look for the day! If you have any comments, feedback or more feel free to let me know. Have a great week ahead! 

xx Ing from AccordingToIng

Places to eat…RoyAl’s Chicken and Burger by According to Ing

Hi lovelies,

Once again it’s been another busy fortnight since I last posted but some family came down to Perth to visit. Anyway I have been meaning to write a review on my new favourite go-to place for burgers RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers in the suburb of Victoria Park, Perth. I’ve been here heaps of times before but I’m FINALLY writing a review on it.

Perth has its fair share of burger joints – ranging from the larger burger chains of Burger Edge, Jus Burgers to smaller private burger places like Short Order Burger Co in the Mantle (Fremantle) and Johnny’s Burgers (Canning Vale) and I’ve been to most of them cause honestly who doesn’t love a good burger? RoyAl’s however is a whole other level of burger goodness!

Nestled along the main dining strip in the suburb of Victoria Park, RoyAl’s Chicken and Burger is an American style burger joint with reasonable eats and a relaxed vibe.



Here’s a glance at their menu!



Some of the more popular dishes there are the hot wings, buttermilk fried chicken, the tater tots side and my fav burger ever the Chicken RoyAl! Although I’ve been there a few times, the Chicken RoyAl is my absolute fav and in this review I brought along my friend Lukmi to try it out too. Safe to say…he loved it!


Here’s my order: a Chicken RoyAl which consists of boneless thigh fried fillets, “fancy”sauce, iceberg lettuce and tomato. This is A SERIOUS GOOD BURGER. The bun is perfection, the fried chicken isn’t oily and has the right amount of crunch to it, there’s just the right amount of sauce so that your burger isn’t overflowing and soggy. Ugh it’s just burger-fection! The good thing is also that it costs only $12 and you can add $6 extra to have a decently portioned side AND a soft drink or some of their bottomless iced tea.



My friend Lukmi ordered a burger as well with a side of chips and onion rings and a soft drink. The staff there are extremely friendly and welcome you on arrival even when it gets really busy and hectic there (and trust me it gets REALLY busy on weekend nights and some weekday nights too). It’s a great place to enjoy a cheap eat as you catch up with your friends and I personally think its one of the BEST burger joints in Perth.


RoyAl’s Chicken and Burger

Shop 8, 885 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, Perth, WA
Mon Closed
Tue 11:30 AM to 10 PM
Wed 11:30 AM to 10 PM
Thu 11:30 AM to 10 PM
Fri 11:30 AM to 10 PM
Sat 11:30 AM to 10 PM
Sun 11:30 AM to 9 PM

OOTD Post 7 by According to Ing

Hi there lovelies,

How’s everyone been? Once again it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and today I’m just doing a quick little post about my OOTD that I wore out for a lunch date with my friend Lukmi. We went to one of my fav burger joints in Perth – RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers which I think is one of the best places to grab a quick and reasonable bite. I’ll be writing a review on it soon!


Today I wore an Aztec print crop top and some loose but super comfy pants from Padini one of my fav clothes stores in Malaysia. I got this outfit for a really good price during the boxing day sales for 15 Australian dollars! *I love a good bargain!* The black sandals and the black bucket handbag are from another Malaysian shop Vincci and I always enjoy a good shop there when I go back home. The necklace that I’ve sported in a few of my previous OOTD posts is from Dotti.


Anyway that’s all for now! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

xx Ing from According to Ing


Christmas 2016 by according to Ing

Hi there lovelies!

How has everyone been? I have really slacked off with my blogging lately but I do have a legitimate reason for that. Over the holiday season I was really lucky to get time off work to go back to Kuala Lumpur for Christmas and New Years with my family AND I went over to spend some time in Thailand with PJ as well. I was planning on blogging about my entire holiday but I ended up just taking the time to enjoy it and the company of my family and friends. I did however document how we spent Christmas and will show you some of the goodies we ate that day.

Christmas lunch 2016

In my family Christmas has always been a big deal – we have family all over the world and Christmas would be the only time we could all reunite in KL and spend about a blissful fortnight in each other’s company. This year however most of my relatives overseas couldn’t make it back for the holiday season so the family of four (Grandma, Dad, Mum and I) decided to have our own little lunch at Ante a famous pork steak restaurant in KL.




Rosy Lychee Fizz (Price RM14)

Drinks: For drinks Grandma and the parents ordered the usual soft drinks and all but I ordered the Rosy Lychee Fizz and it was really good! Cold, refreshing and definitely not overpoweringly sweet or artificial tasting.

Food: We first ordered a Caesar salad to share which was pretty big and decent sized, Dad’s main was crispy bacon on mashed potatoes, mine was a pork steak with mashed potatoes and Grandma’s was a pork chop with chips. I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE fatty pork – which exactly was what I got with my steak. It was so juicy, tasty and the mash was all buttery, warm and smooth. Loved it!






Overall I’d rate this place: 

Ambiance/Environment – 3.5/5 The place has a minimalist approach to its decor but they could really up their game since it’s Christmas!

Food – 4/5 Loved how for a change we had pork instead of the usual Xmas meats like turkey, roast etc.

Service – 3.5/5 Good service overall but nothing to shout praises about.

Overall experience – 4/5 While the pricing of the food leans towards middle/high prices (depending on what you order) you do get decent sized portions of food that tastes good and is a bang for your buck. The staff were generally polite and attentive and the place has a lovely chilled out vibe to it- perfect for hangouts with friends or family. It’d make any pork lover happy! 

Ante Publika


Opening hours :
Mon-Thu : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat : 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sun : 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

TEL : +60362063364


Christmas Dinner 2016

For Christmas dinner Mum invited the family in KL and some family friends over for a small get together. I wish I could take credit for the cooking but I only helped make some Hors d’Oeuvres as seen below…


Super simple cream cheese on crackers with either olives, dried herbs or a dollop of sweet chili sauce on it 


Carved Turkey


Pulled pork 


Tuna and tomato pasta

The dishes were really tasty and pretty simple but even as a small group we couldn’t finish it all. We had plenty of leftovers for a meal or two the next day. Good food and good company is really all I can ask for on Christmas. Safe to say I had an amazing holiday and hope you all had one too!

What do you guys eat for your Christmas lunch/dinner? Feel free to share in the comments section. Anyway that’s a wrap for now! Take care lovelies and I hope to post more this year.

xx Ing from AccordingToIng

OOTD Post 6 by According to Ing

Hi lovelies,

I hope everything is going well for all of you. It has once again been a busy past few weeks since we’ve been having Christmas events at work and staff parties at my new job. It was nice to have a proper weekend off this time around so the big sis and I spent it having a nice lunch together at Grill’d (a place with some pretty awesome burgers) before doing some Christmas shopping. Here’s a sneak peek at our slider burgers and chips (normal, sweet potato and zucchini chips *drools*).


As the weather has warmed up recently I decided to wear this co-ord top and shorts pair from Sportsgirl that I had my eye on for ages till it went on sale, my yellow satchel is from Colette, my choker necklace is from Missguided and my Birkenstock style shoes are from Dotti.





Anyway that’s a wrap for now. I hope you’re all having a lovely December so far…its scary how fast the year has gone by isn’t it?! Have a good week everyone!

xx Ing from According to Ing

Places to see according to Ing ~ Kalamunda National Park 

Hi lovelies,

How has everyone been? Things have been crazy for me because I’ve just started a new full time teaching job two weeks ago! I’m trying to adjust to the new work environment, group of students and co workers so it’s a new journey for me. Other than that one of the other things that I’ve also been busy with is helping a friend with her training cause she’ll be going on a trip to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro! For the past few weeks we’ve been going to different hikes around Perth to help her train for her big trip at the end of the year. This week we went to the Rocky Pool walk in Kalamunda National Park and I think this hiking trail was one of the best I’ve been to as of yet. 

Kalamunda National Park is located up in the scenic hilly suburb of Kalamunda. The park is a 40 minute drive from the Perth central business district. The Rocky Pool walk is a 5km track that loops around the gorgeous park and has some amazing panoramic views of the valley below and the city skyline in the distance. I would consider the track quite difficult as there’s some steep, loose rocky descents and challenging uphill climbs at times. I enjoyed this however and I believe the view is definitely worth the effort!

You start the trek off at a white gate at the end of Spring Road. The trail is marked with blue arrows hanging on trees pointing to the direction of the track which are easy to follow. 

The pictures don’t do the trail justice! The trail takes you around the park through open plains, up and down rocky inclines and declines and through the forest. The trail is easy enough to follow however there are parts of it where you’d have to be careful because of the uneven and loose rocks on the paths. 

Towards the last quarter of the trail you stop by Rocky Pool which used to be a famous swimming spot for the residents of Kalamunda and Lesmurdie. Feel free to have a swim there if you want! 

Overall the trail was a pleasure to trek through despite how challenging it was at times due to the scenery and environment. The trek took us 1.5 hours to complete and I definitely recommend this trek for any visitors to Perth or locals! 

Have a lovely week ahead everyone! 

xx Ing from According to Ing 

3 characters that describe me by According to Ing

Hi lovelies!

How’s the week going for everyone? I saw a similar version of this challenge on my friend’s Instagram and I thought it would be a fun one to try. The main aim of the challenge is to talk about 3 fictional characters who you either really relate to or encompass parts of who you are. Here’s my 3:



Louisa Clark from Me Before You (the movie) 

Let’s face it, in the movie Lou Clark is either a character you love for her eternal optimism, bubbly personality and quirky clothes OR a character that really grinds your gears because of these traits. I loved Lou from the start because there were parts of her that I could see in myself (Dad who I was watching the movie with, picked up on this too).

I found Louisa to be a very strong character because she loved Will and despite knowing about his decision, she tried everything she could to convince him that life is worth living – most importantly a life with her is worth living. In other words I feel that when she loves, she loves with everything she has and this is something I do and will continue to do. If I was her character I too would keep trying to do everything I can in my power to help the ones I loved – this is why I was so emotional when Will still made that decision. Even though she was absolutely torn apart from his decision, she still remained strong and went to be with him till the end, because as I said she loves with everything she has.

She also is very optimistic and believes in the good of people as seen through how convinced she was that she could change Will’s mind (which can be perceived as a bit of a childlike naivety). I too am guilty of this and this has come to bite me back in the ass a few times all because I believe in the good of others and that they can change. This is definitely something I’m working on – learning to let go if someone isn’t worth fighting for!

*I know that in the book Lou has more of a complex and potentially darker reasoning behind her choices to never leave the safety and familiarity of her hometown etc but in this post I’m just comparing her to the film adaptation of the book*






Kimmy from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy is definitely quite a character! Love her or hate her you have to agree that she is a survivor and instead of struggling with the challenges of returning to the surface and feeling sorry for herself, she used her optimism and determination to succeed and ended up getting everything she wanted (sort of). To a certain extend I’ve felt that sort of displacement that Kimmy felt coming out from the bunker – in my case it was moving to boarding school in Australia when I was really young and the culture shock and homesickness was intense at the start. Although it was hard for me, just like it was for Kimmy, we both dived into it and managed to come out on the other side victorious.

Sometimes I still go through challenging parts in my life but I try and draw on my positivity and the fact that I have survived through many other challenges and can do it again. Its during times like these when I the show’s theme song plays in my head and gives me extra strength!

Also another similarity that I have with Kimmy is that we’re both confident in wearing what we want (even if sometimes this makes us look younger than we actually are!).




Gogol from The Namesake

The Namesake is a movie from 2006 based on a novel with the same title about the struggles and hardships of a Bengali couple who immigrate to the United States to form a life outside of everything they are accustomed to.

The story begins as the couple leave Calcutta, India and settle in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Throughout the story, their son Gogol fights an internal battle to find himself. He struggles trying to balance between American versus Indian culture and appreciating friendship more than family as he tries to discover who he is and his path in life. (Source: Wikipedia)

I watched the Namesake in a Globalization unit that I did during my university studies and this movie really resonated with me. Firstly Gogol and I are both first generation immigrants who are exposed to both our native cultures, religions and expectations from our families as well as the culture and norms of our “new society” which we grew up in. With a lot of things like people’s opinions, taste and choices in food and more, there will  be some differences – as in the case with cultures as well. Sometimes the a thing considered a norm in the society you grew up in may be considered rude, disrespectful etc or a taboo in the culture your parents grew up in or vice versa. For Gogol, he found himself swaying between his native culture and practices and the more modern, westernized norms of the society he grew up in but never really found a happy equilibrium of who he is.

Although I have a pretty solid foundation of who I am, I still am learning about myself. I’ve incorporated parts of both my cultures but everyday I’m still growing and learning – just like Gogol was. At the end of the day we need to be true to ourselves about who we are, what we believe in and where we want to go in life. I guess I too am just trying to achieve these things day by day…

Thanks for reading lovelies! If you could describe yourselves in 3 fictional characters who would you all choose? I hope you’ll have a lovely weekend ahead!


xx Ing from According to Ing