Places to see according to Ing . . . Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Perth WA.

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A week or two ago my good gal pal Ly and I decided to take a spontaneous hiking trip down to Ellis Brook Valley Reserve in the city of Gosnells. I’ve been eager to go on more hiking trips since the weather started warming up and we took the opportunity to head out into the sunshine and explore one of the many beautiful nature walks and hiking trails sprinkled around Perth and its countryside.

Western Australia is rich with diverse and dramatic landscape and Ellis Brook Valley Reserve is no exception. Even the views during the 30 minute drive there from Perth city is picturesque. As you drive further away from the city, the familiar buildings and sights of suburban Perth slowly dissipate until eventually all you see are a few houses and estates surrounded by sprawling fields and paddocks dotted with grazing horses and sheep. As you keep driving further on towards Ellis Brooke Valley you’ll notice the surrounding landscape thicken out from paddocks into rolling hills of forest and bushland – that’s when you’ve arrived at the reserve.

Once you arrive at Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, make your way to the gazebo in the falls carpark that serves as sort of a “visitor’s centre”. There you can find information about the native flora and fauna in the reserve and a map of the sprawling land that makes up the reserve and different hiking/walking trails you can take. Do note that the trails range from walks on easy, surfaced, paths to more challenging hikes on rough trails.



Ly and I decided to take one of the more “challenging” hikes and we decided to trek the 60 Foot Falls Circuit because we assumed that it was a shorter and scenic route. We started off on the trek bustling with energy and ready to tackle the uphill climb to the 60 Foot Falls with full gusto. The 60 Foot Falls circuit was one of the steeper and rough trails as there were no surfaced paths and the uphill climb got me out of breath by the time we were at the top of the falls (this is the consequence of skipping my cardio sessions at the gym for 3 weeks). The exercise wasn’t the only thing that caught me out of breath (excuse the corny joke) but so did the view!

image5 (1)

The 60 Foot Falls in all its rocky glory!

image2 (1)

On top of the 60 Foot Falls

The falls were beautiful and I feel that the pictures don’t fully do it justice! Next time I’ll have to bring along my DSLR instead of just using an Iphone but I’m still learning about blogging. Helpful hint, if you’re careful and brave enough you can part from the trail, squeeze and shimmy your way through the surrounding bush till you reach the rocky top part of the falls and take some AMAZING photos of the valley. Also you can see as far as Perth city from this lookout!


All smiles on the outside, out of breath on the inside!

Our next stop on the circuit was the abandoned Barrington Quarry with its own lookout area. While the quarry has been disused for many years, parts of it has been graffitied which to me takes away from the natural beauty of it.


Barrington Quarry

The rest of the circuit was pretty cruisy and not as steep as it started off so it didn’t take us too long to get back to our original starting point, the falls carpark. Overall the whole circuit took us an hour (including time spent enjoying the view and taking pictures, chilling by the quarry and avoiding angry bull ants). Although the trail is steep at times and a bit rough, it is definitely do-able and has persuaded me to get back into my fitness routine. The view is the main attraction to this trail and it really is worth the hike! My only regret was that we didn’t have the time to try out the other trails but that’ll be for next time!

If you’re ever in Perth, Western Australia on holiday and are a nature lover take the short 30 minute drive out of the city and head on down to Ellis Brook Valley Reserve for a change in scenery. Till the next adventure…

x Ing from According To Ing


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