Places to see according to Ing ~ Mundy Regional Park, Perth

Hi everyone,

I know I haven’t been very active for the past week or so but that’s mainly because I had family from Malaysia come over for a holiday and I also had a visit from my partner PJ. 

I’ll just give you a bit of information about PJ. PJ and I knew each other from high school and have been dating for over 6 years now. Since December last year we’ve been in a long distance relationship as he started work in Thailand. Perhaps one day I’ll even do a post on the good, the bad and the ugly about long distance relationships! 

Anyway while PJ was here one of the things we did was hiking around Mundy Regional Park high up in Perth hills. Mundy Regional Park is about a 30 minute drive from Perth city and along the way you get to take in views of farms, forests and a breathtaking view of the city skyline as you make your way up to Perth Hills. 

Mundy Regional Park is one of the more popular bushwalking destinations because of its panoramic views of Perth, the Lesmurdie falls and its abundance of wildflowers in spring. 

Map of Mundy Regional Park

Just like in all other parks in Western Australia, Mundy Regional Park displays a map of their different bushwalking/hiking routes with different levels of difficulty. PJ and I decided to do the Valley Loop Trail – the most challenging as it includes all of the other trails and destinations as well as lots of uneven paths and uphill climbs. 

The first note worthy destination was this lookout next to the Lesmurdie falls. The falls were beautiful and at full pelt cause it rained heavily the night before. 

The next note worthy destination in the area is the bottom of the falls. How beautiful does it look? 

The rest of the Valley Loop trail got a bit more challenging with uphill climbs and lots of rocky pathways as seen here. The view however is worth it a


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