Places to see…According to Ing ~ Melbourne, Australia Days 3 & 4

Hi everyone,

As promised here’s my continuation of days 1  and 2 of my recent getaway trip to Melbourne. If you’re travelling to Melbourne soon or thinking about going there one day, I hope this post gives you some ideas of places to eat, things to see there and more!

Day 3

On day 3 we woke up bright and early to return our rental car before heading to the Hardware Societe on Hardware Street (a street with all these different restaurants and cafes). Although we got there by 8.30am the cafe was already brimming with diners and we were lucky we snagged the last free seat. If we arrived 10-15 minutes later we would have been one of the many people waiting in line!

I ordered a mocha and the rice pudding (rose and almond rice pudding, cherries and dehydrated lychees) to eat.


The Hardware Societe


The Hardware Societe

The coffee here was lovely and I loved my (sort of) deconstructed mocha which allowed me to add my choice of how much chocolate to add to my coffee. I’m a big fan of rice pudding (used to be one of my favorite desserts from my boarding school days) but this one was really great – especially since its flavors weren’t overpowering or sickeningly sweet. It was a lovely chilled dish and PJ was a big fan of his dish too. We liked this place so much we considered coming back here for brunch the next day too!

After our finishing our meal we took about a 15-20 minute walk through the city, passing through many of Melbourne city’s laneways with cafes, shops, eateries and more till we reached Hosier Lane.



Hosier Lane is famous for its street art – every wall is covered in graffiti! The lane also houses numerous cocktail lounges and restaurants like MoVida (which we later went to for lunch).



After that we walked around the city for a bit more and GUESS WHAT I FOUND? I found the giant clam shaped coin purse that I sat on back in 2001! It really was like a blast from the past for me.


We then went to the Queen Victoria Markets which I really enjoyed because I love flea markets and bargain shopping! I found lots of stalls selling souvenirs (planning on giving a didgeridoo as a gift, anyone?), clothing, tech stuff (phone/tablet covers), toys and more. Also there were lots of food stalls as well as fresh fruit/vegs and cafes and eating outlets in the area if you’d like a quick bite whilst shopping.


Queen Victoria Markets


Live music at the Queen Victoria Markets

After that we headed back towards Hardware Street because we had some time before our visit to the Old Melbourne Gaol and I wanted to check out this cafe there. Along the way we stopped over at the Cat Cafe Melbourne as I am a crazy-cat lady in the making to see if we could get a spot (as you have to book in advance for a particular time session). Much to my dismay they were booked till late but at least the shop was open and I managed to get some presents for my cats Theo and Jemima.


A tie for my boy Theo


A feathery hamster toy for my girl Jemima

After that we made our way to the cafe I really wanted to check out – Hash Speciality Coffee and Roasters which I read about online. PJ and I mainly went there to try their special hot chocolate that I’ve heard about. I ordered a Matcha Spritzer (sparkling water, apple and matcha) while PJ ordered the hot chocolate (85% Mork chocolate served with fairy floss). As refreshing as mine was I regretted not ordering my own hot chocolate!






After that we made our way to the Old Melbourne Gaol which was near the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. As a history buff and since I visited Port Arthur in Tasmania, I definitely wanted to check out Melbourne’s Old Gaol and see how they compared.


If you’re a traveler on a budget I highly recommend a visit here because it’s great value for money; your ticket not only includes access to the gaol where you are free to explore the place yourself but it also for two interactive shows/tours. The first tour is one where you re-enact being a prisoner in the City Watch Tower with a Charge Sergeant as a guide, you are ‘arrested’ and encounter what it is like to be locked up. The other tour takes place in the Old Magistrates’ Court where you can witness/re-enact a trial.

The gaol itself was very interesting and PJ and I spent just over an hour exploring it ourselves. Each cell on the first floor (and some on the second) has a display about the convicts imprisoned there. It talks about the crimes they committed, includes pictures of evidence in the case and the prisoner as well as the death masks of each prisoner (scary!). The most famous prisoner held there was Ned Kelly and there is a big display about his early life, his life as a criminal and his life in the goal. There also is a reenactment of Ned Kelly’s execution at certain times during the day. The experience was a good one overall and although it was eerie the whole time, perhaps the only time I was really afraid was when PJ tried closing the door on me while I was in a cell. I almost had a heart attack then!

We then went to check out the South Bank (a bustling waterfront hub filled with restaurants, shops, street performers and more along the Yarra River) for a bit. After that we had a quick bite to eat at MoVida before browsing around some of the shops in laneways to find gifts for some family and friends. Along the way I came across some interesting street art:



That night we went to this restaurant called Chin Chin for dinner. If you don’t have a booking, be prepared to wait just in case. PJ and I waited for 40 minutes but the food definitely made it worth the wait! The Thai food here was amazing and the staff there were very friendly and helpful the whole time. This place is a definite must go to if you love spice and Thai food.



Kingfish Sashimi


Stir fry salt and pepper silken tofu



Red Curry of Braised Duck

Day 4

Early morning on Day 4 I went to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the city (religious architecture is always so fascinating!). After that I met PJ for a quick brunch at Cumulus Inc. I had the Cumulus Inc Breakfast which consisted of a boiled egg, toast with preserves, yogurt, organic orange juice and coffee.


Breakfast at Cumulus Inc

After scoffing down our breakfast we had to rush to the airport where I had to part ways with PJ who flew off back to Thailand and I back to Perth. Overall Melbourne was such a lovely place to visit- the only advice I’d give is definitely have a longer stay. The city is bustling with so many places to see, things to do and places to eat and it’s definitely a place I’d love to visit again!

Thanks so much for reading my post lovelies. I hope this gives you more places to add to your list if you’re traveling to Melbourne soon! Take care!

xx Ing from According to Ing

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