Rescued and rehomed Part 1 by According To Ing 

Hi lovelies,

How’s it going? I hope everyone is happy and all good. This week I wanted to post about something different and something really close to my heart – my little rescued cat Theo. The reason I’m writing this post is because today marks his first rescue-versary since we first got him. 

I’ve always loved animals – yes all of them! I’ve always possessed a deep understanding that all animals are sentient beings and have always felt compassion, love and care for them and am very passionate about animal rights and their wellbeing. I used to help mum and our other animal lover friends rescue stray animals that were hurt and try to either find a forever home for them or spay/neuter and release them. We have rescued cats before but I’ve always been more of a dog person (perhaps that’s cause we never had any cats growing up) until little Theo came into my life.

It all happened one late night when my friend Lukmi and I were walking home through my neighbourhood. We were pretty loud and rowdy yet we somehow managed to hear a little “mew” sound out from the darkness. I turned the torch on my phone on and looked around to investigate. What I found was a tiny and scrawny black kitten hiding behind a bin outside of a house. Naturally Lukmi and I went “Oooooh” and “awwww” when we saw the cute little thing as he yawned and stretched. Thinking that the kitten belonged to the owners of that house we said bye and started heading off back to my place. The kitten on the other hand had a different idea and started charging after us, dashing between our legs as we walked back, happily mewing and looking up at us. Although we attempted to coax it to go back home, the little black kitten was adamant to persist and followed us across two roads and almost a block back to mine. When we reached the front garden the sprinklers were on and while Lukmi and I made our way through them, the kitten got scared and started meowing loudly. Lukmi and I stopped in our tracks, glanced at each other and realised we couldn’t leave it there. We picked it up and brought it back to mine where it got comfortable quickly and happily started exploring the house.

Over the next few days Lukmi, my brother in law and others helped me to try and track down its owners and as time went on, no one came forward to claim the cat. We named her Midnight temporarily till we took her to the vet to get checked for a microchip and found out it was a boy! We tossed up a few different names but settled on Theo (named after an Arsenal FC football player Theo Walcott – we are Arsenal fans in this family). 

We waited for someone to come forward to claim him but with each day spent with him we fell more and more in love with this gutsy, playful and curious kitten. Theo quickly made himself at home and loved falling asleep on the bed with us, purring and kneading us and was fast, frisky and playful. After more than a month of trying to find if he had owners, we decided that he was part of the family. 

Theo is such a little character who we can’t help but love. He brings so much joy, laughter and love into our lives. Sometimes I think back to that day and wonder what would have happened if we left him, or if we surrendered him to a pound. We have no regrets adopting him and we love him with everything we have. 

The problem is there’s hundreds of other animals in Western Australia that need loving and caring forever homes – not just temporary ones for while they are young and cute. If you have love to give and have the resources to give a loving home to another animal please consider adopting one from a shelter or pound. Have a heart and consider it cause you’ll never know whether someone like little Theo can bring more joy, love and meaning to your life.

xx Ing from According to Ing 


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