New hair @ the Nest Hair Boutique Perth by According to Ing

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone going?! My latest post is about my recent experience that I had today at the Nest Hair Boutique, Perth. I’m really excited to share my experience with you all because I’ve been wanting to get my hair done there for a long time and have finally got around to it!

The Nest Hair Boutique has been heralded as one of the top 10 hair salons in Perth, Western Australia according to websites such as UrbanList Perth and has countless reviews on their Facebook page, Yelp, TrueLocal and more that praise their skills (good knowledge and understanding of colour when it comes to hair) , the atmosphere of the place and its service. I had my hair dyed in the balayage style in April 2016 and since then I’ve had a few haircuts, my hair has grown out and I had really bad regrowth so I booked in an appointment at the Nest Hair Boutique (had to book it in a just over a month to get the date and time I wanted! They’re so busy!).



My experience started off with meeting my hairdresser Kaleigh and we had a consultation about what I wanted to do with my hair, what colours did I gravitate to etc. After showing her some pictures and ideas I saved on good ol’ Pintrest, Kaleigh gave her suggestions for what she thought would suit my skin tone and all best and I put my trust in her and let her go for it!

Kaleigh and the team at The Nest were great! They were all so warm and friendly and they were always checking up on you to see if you wanted more drinks (yes…you can have coffee, tea, water and even espresso martinis! What a bonus!), if you were comfortable or if you needed anything in general. It was really nice how easy it was to talk to them and they made me feel very welcome there.


Kaleigh dyed my hair using the balayage technique and foils and ‘something else’ (sorry I don’t know the technical terms…bear with me! Haha). I had to go to the next room which served as a waiting area whilst your hair colour was processing (?). Once again sorry for my lack of knowledge of the proper terms! This room had the wash basins, a table, a couch and A SNACK BAR stocked with tea, coffee, wine, cheese and crackers, lollies, nuts, and more!

image1 (1)






While waiting to get my hair toned and washed I had some more tea, some crackers and cheese and nuts. One thing I definitely need to shout out for is the amazing, relaxing head massage that you get when you’re getting your hair washed! It was AMAZING and I was so calm and relaxed I could have easily fallen asleep.

After that, Kaleigh dried my hair and gave the ends of my hair a trim before curling it. Here it is!




At first I couldn’t really see the detail or change of colours when my hair was wet but as she dried it the colours really began to show and I love every bit of it! I love the change from my first balayage and how the colours blend together so nicely and naturally this time around. I’m loving this new look and am so ready to take on the new season with it!



The whole process was quite long but thankfully they have free WIFI, heaps of magazines stacked around the place and food and drink to keep you going. The atmosphere is amazing and the decor is so beautiful and on trend. The staff there are so friendly, professional and you feel very safe in their hands! The head massage during your hair wash is also the bomb!


It can be hard to get a booking (especially on weekends) but they have a great online booking system that is easy to navigate through. Tip: Make a booking in advance and plan ahead especially if you want a spot on a weekend!


I’ve been to many different hairdressers and salons both in Perth and in Kuala Lumpur (my hometown) but I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve walked away from them feeling 100% happy with my hair. My experience at the Nest Hair Boutique was a great one from start to finish – I didn’t feel pushed into buying unnecessary hair care products (that some hairdressers do), I felt like my voice was heard during the consultation and my ideas were taken into consideration, I felt welcomed there AND I left the place feeling confident, beautiful and proud of my new look. Probably the best salon I’ve been to and one I’ll definitely be seeing again!

xx Ing from AccordingToIng 

The Nest Hair Boutique

Shop 3/ 14-20 Hislop Road Attadale

089330 4190



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