New year, new me (not) ~ Life post by AccordingToIng

Hi lovelies,

How’s everyone been? I hope everyone had a fantastic New Years and is stoked for 2018.

So I know that when the new year rolls around, people get all motivated and inspired with New Years resolutions and #newyearnewme posts and stuff. I’m totally on board with people having New Years resolutions and goals to better themselves but for me it’s more New Year, Same Me.

Hear me out…so 2017 was a year full of ups and downs for me but the tail end of it was particularly challenging and a very, very trying time for me (that’s a bit of an understatement). That being said at least I’ve learned (or re-learned) some lessons in life:

1. Never ever let someone define your worth.

2. You are whole on your own and you are enough.

Someone told me that sometimes you get little life lessons from the universe like little pebbles being thrown at you, and if you fail to learn, the life lessons hit you harder like rocks and boulders if you’re really unlucky! It’s now time for me to put to practice the lessons I’ve learned from 2017.

2018 is not going to be New Year, New Me. 2018 is going to be my year for rediscovering myself. For being honest with myself and getting in touch with my wants, needs and future goals. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, learning new things, exploring the world and even just appreciating every moment in the present. The support and love I have received from the people around me has reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am.

2018 isn’t a New Year, New Me. It is me just as I am, unlocking my full potential and who I was all along because I am enough and I am learning that as each day passes.

For everyone else whose been through a tough 2017, we got this!!

xx Ing from AccordingToIng


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