OOTD Post 12 by According To Ing

Hello again lovelies,

How are you all going? So I’m still in Malaysia for a short holiday before heading back to work again and one of the days whilst I was here, I went for a shopping trip to a new mall that’s recently opened up nearby called Melawati Mall.

If you’ve been to KL you’d know that there’s an over abundance of malls scattered everywhere and most of them have the usual major fashion retail stores like Zara, Uniqlo, H&M etc. Melawati Mall on the other hand is still pretty new and whilst they haven’t opened up any of the major international fashion retailers yet they do have some cute Korean, Japanese and local fashion stores which I managed to get this outfit from.

So my top is from Brands Outlet and it’s an embroidered blouse with some trumpet sleeves. The skirt is from Coco Concept Store a Japanese clothing brand. Some of their stuff was very OUT there with some over the top frills and such but I really liked this skirt and they do have some toned down/nice wearable things. The sandals are from Vincci and they are so comfy I can see me using this everywhere and they give me that extra bit of height (since I’m so short). I quite frequently shop at Brands outlet and Vincci when I’m back in KL. Both the brands are part of the Malaysian group The Padini Group and their clothes and shoes are very on trend but at affordable prices.

My bag is from an Australian Shop back in Perth called Collette and by bracelet is from Mimco.

The good thing about the mall is also that there’s an area with different street art inspired paintings and all. If you’re visiting KL and would like a change from all the usual fashion retailers that you see in almost all the malls I’d definitely recommend for you to check out this mall!

Anyway that’s all for now! Take care lovelies and will write soon!

xx Ing from According To Ing

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