Gordon Street Garage and Mop Donuts~ Foodie post by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How’s everyone doing? Here’s just a quick review of one of my favourite cafes (mainly cause it’s so pretty) in Perth called Gordon Street Garage.

Gordon Street Garage is located in Perth city within walking distance from the Watertown discount outlet mall. I’ve been here many times before but on this most recent trip I brought along my friend Darren to try it out.

Gordon Street Garage is a two story cafe and restaurant with a roastery in it (Mano Coffee Roastery) that’s been converted from a garage. The whole cafe’s design aesthetic is quite minimal but they have cute little booths to sit in indoors and a small courtyard section to sit outdoors.

The restaurant has two different menus (one for brunch and the other lunch) and we arrived at 10ish just in time for brunch (as after 11.45am they swap over to the lunch/dinner menu). I ordered an iced decaf mocha to drink (which was perfect to cool me down on a hot Perth summer day!) and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too bitter or too sweet which has been the case with some iced coffee drinks I’ve ordered from other places. To eat, Darren ordered some baked eggs and wood-fired lamb shoulder with harissa, cornbread, labne and greens. Mmmmm I love cornbread. Darren liked it and ate it all!

I ordered a salmon omelette with coriander, spring onion, chilli, radish and lime. The omelette was light and fluffy and seasoned well (not too salty despite the salmon in it) and I enjoyed it too! It was pretty big though so I needed some help from Darren to finish it off. The wood fired lamb shoulder cost $24 and my omelette cost $22.

After we ate, we decided to explore the outdoor seating area behind restaurant. The small courtyard was a shaded area with foliage, mix and match stools, chairs and tables. Whilst we were there, we noticed lots of people taking pictures and we joined in (naturally)!

Overall, I’ve been to Gordon Street Garage many times since its opened and for my most recent review I’d have to say that the setting/environment is still one of the best that I’ve been to in regards to Perth cafes, service was pretty good, the coffee was nice and the food was nice and well cooked but the menu was a bit limited (would have loved a big brekkie with the works) and we were keen to order bread on the menu but found out that we’d only get two slices of it for $7. If you’re in Perth looking for a pretty cafe to dine at this would be one of them!

After that we went and explored the Perth Fringe Festival and did some shopping in the city. Towards the later part of the afternoon we started feeling peckish again so we went to Mop Donuts in Perth City and got some dessert!

So I ordered a Mint Aero donut which was filled with Mint Aero custard and was $4.90 and Darren ordered the Curly Wurly which was filled with salted caramel custard, had a salted caramel glaze and a curly wurly strap on top and was $5.90. If you’re like me and are crazy for mint chocolate, GET the mint aero donut! It was so good!

Anyway that’s all for now lovelies! Take care and in my next post I’ll be writing about some of the Perth Fringe World Festival events that I attended! Thanks for reading!

xx Ing from According To Ing

📸 Shout out to Darren for being the photographer for the day! Thanks!

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