Six Willows Cafe Review ~ Foodie Post by According To Ing

Hi everyone,

How’s it going? Good hopefully! Anyway here’s a quick review of another cafe I went to recently with my friend Darren called Six Willows cafe. Just like Gordon Street Garage in my last post, I’ve been to Six Willows a few times before but have just never gotten around to writing a review on it.

Six Willows is a small suburban cafe located in a neighbourhood south of the river in Perth. Although it’s quite small, there’s indoor and outdoor seating (perfect for bringing along your dogs) and a little retail area selling some lovely WA local artisan wares like handmade jewellery, art, keep cups/bottles and so much more.

I love how the atmosphere here is always very laid back, the staff are always friendly and it’s just got a really nice and relaxing air about the place. Back when I was studying I used to stop over there at times for a quick coffee whilst reading or studying – good coffee and dessert whilst reading/studying…what a perfect combo!

The food menu for Six Willows is an all day brunch menu with options for lighter meals like smoothie bowls, salads and bruschetta or more filling dishes like brekkie burgers, the Six Willows Rustic Breakfast (with the works!), eggs Benedict and more. Six Willows also has baked goods and treats to order (which I maybe should have done instead of being greedy and ordering three mains instead). The good thing is that for brunch food and cafe prices, the food at Six Willows is pretty reasonable with the most expensive dish being $20. If you’re looking to not break the bank whilst craving a bit of brunch, this is definitely a place to consider.

To eat Darren ordered a breakfast burger which consists of sous vide beef, a fried egg, bacon strips, American cheese, lettuce, house beetroot relish and hollandaise sauce in a brioche bun.

I ordered the banofee pancakes (banana pancakes with salted caramel sauce, cookie crumb, whipped cream and sliced bananas and strawberries) and they were so good! Thankfully the caramel sauce wasn’t too sweet and I really liked how well it all tasted together! How pretty does it look by the way?

And because Darren and I were really hungry, we ordered a third dish to share! The third was the “I love you berry matcha” French toast with matcha brioche French toast with white chocolate, strawberry mouse, matcha ganache, fresh strawberries and lychees and vanilla ice cream. Once again, another pretty looking dish! This was pretty good as well but I personally was too full after finishing my pancakes to eat lots of this.

To drink I had a spearmint milkshake for this meal. I’ve ordered some of their coffees before and I enjoyed them but today I felt like a milkshake….which was pretty average. I’ll probably try one of their smoothies or their Nutella gourmet milkshake next time.

Overall what do I have to say about Six Willows? It’s definitely a cute little suburban cafe lots of good eats and good coffee that’s reasonably priced, the staff are always friendly and I love how chilled out the place is! They also hold workshops there on some weekends and during school holidays which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for.

That’s all for now! Take care lovelies and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

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