Drip Cake in Buttercream workshop at Bake Boss, Jandakot ~ by According To Ing

Hey lovelies,

How’s it going? I hope all is well with you all and once again I’d just like to say thanks for reading the blog!

So my friend Chloe and I had so much fun with our last baking (or cake decorating) workshop with De Baker that we were really keen on searching up and joining more baking workshops. Whilst researching I came across Bake Boss Jandakot and when we saw all the different types of baking workshops they hold, we were sold!

Bake Boss is a cake decorating and supplies company that started off in Victoria in 2011. Since then it has grown nationwide and even extended its branches into New Zealand.

The spread of their baking and cake decorating supplies was really impressive at the Jandakot store. They sold items to suit all levels of bakers such as ready made cakes all waiting to be decorated, packets of cake mixes and tubs of ganache for the beginners, to a huge spread of cake decorating tools, cake display and packaging items, air brush equipment and more for the more experienced bakers. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures of the store itself BUT here’s one of the “Create a Cake” area where you can personalise your own cake.

Not only do they have a massive spread of baking and decorating supplies, they also have an area in the shop that’s used for their workshops and classes. Our class was the “Drip Cake in Buttercream” which has a maximum of 8 people and lasts for 4 hours max (we finished in 2 and a half though for this session).

Just like at our workshop with De Baker, everything was provided for us here at Bake Boss. Each station was decked out with a chocolate cake (cut into three layers), buttercream, piping bags filled with icing, spatulas, knives, scraper, turntable and apron.

Our Bake Boss at the Jandakot branch was Joe. Joe was really friendly and approachable from the start, he talked us through each of the steps and went around just having a chat whilst helping us and giving us helpful tips and tricks of the trade. The best thing was that there was a camera and screen so that everyone could clearly see what he was doing!

So first step was putting buttercream between each layer/level of the cakes. Once we were done with that we had to coat a smooth and even layer around the outside of the cake.

After that we piped blue icing all around the cake and had to use the spatula and scraper to make it smooth and even. I made a bit of a mess but Joe was there to help!

Once we had put on the blue icing, we had the choice to use different coloured icing to make that watercolour effect.

Once everyone was happy with the colours on their cake, we got to the fun and messy part – making the “drip” effect! We put some white chocolate ganache (with pink colouring) into some piping bags and Joe showed us how to carefully create the drip effect! Here’s mine!

Then we each used the lollies provided to us to decorate them further! Here’s my final product!

And here is Chloe’s!

Everyone’s was all so different and unique one way or another! How pretty do they look?!

A few of us in the class were beginners, so it was safe to say that we weren’t 100% convinced we could recreate these gorgeous drip cakes. Joe however was really attentive, was very encouraging and was always willing to lend a hand. We had so much fun in this class and I highly recommend this for any beginner baker or baking enthusiast!

Thanks so much to the friendly team at Bake Boss Jandakot for helping us make these amazing cakes! I’ll definitely be signing up for more of these classes!

That’s all for now lovelies! Thanks for reading and take care!

xx Ing from According to Ing

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