Little Matcha Girl ~ Foodie Post by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend so far! Today I’m writing about my recent experience at a popular dessert spot in Perth – Little Matcha Girl.

So Little Matcha Girl is renowned for their cakes and pastries (which combines a fusion between Japanese flavours and classic French pastry technique) and you guessed it…their matcha tea. Their matcha is sourced from an independent family farm in Kyoto. If you can’t get enough of it, they also sell their matcha and tea accessories too so you can take some of that matcha goodness home with you!

Recently they introduced a matcha fondue at the store, a special which they have on some Saturday and Sunday nights and for limited spots which you can book. If you’re unable to make a booking for it (like we were as the spots sold out fast), you might be able to get a walk in spot but they too are limited. Moral of the story is find out when they have the specials (stay updated via their Instagram page) and just book it in advance!

Darren, Wellic and I got lucky as we weren’t able to make a booking BUT we got the last walk in spot for the night. So here it is…

So the Matcha Fondue was for 3 people and all up for three people it cost $45.00. The matcha was warmed up by a tea candle and the items for dipping in were fresh fruit like strawberries and bananas, savoury items like pretzels and black sesame biscuits and sweet items like marshmallows, brioche and brownies.

So when I first heard about this matcha fondue I’ll admit I was concerned that it’d be sickeningly sweet (I’ve had my fair share of nasty matcha lattes and ice creams that ended up being really sweet) but I was really surprised (and thankful) that this wasn’t the case with the fondue. All the flavours of the dipping items just blended so well together with that beautiful matcha and while I felt I was about to go into a food coma at the end of it, I never felt a matcha overload!

In addition to that we also ordered hot drinks and a cake!

I ordered a Goma Latte made out of black sesame paste, Darren ordered the Genmaicha Latte and Wellic ordered a Matcha Latte. That Goma Latte is legitly one of my new favourite hot drinks for winter this year.

We actually finished all of it except for a tiny part of the black sesame cheesecake which I wasn’t too much of a fan of. Overall everything from the matcha fondue to the drinks was so well balanced – the flavours were never too subtle or too overpowering and it was amazing! I’d highly recommend checking it out because a warm dessert fondue on a cold winter night is pretty perfect. You can book a spot by emailing or calling them.


4/10 Preston Street,

Como WA 6152

Phone: 08 6161 1205


That’s all for now! Thanks so much for reading lovelies. Till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

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