Nest Cafe ~ Foodie Post By According To Ing

Hi everyone,

I hope everything is well with you all! Today I’m just writing a quick review post on a relatively newbie cafe in East Victoria Park, WA called Nest Cafe. Vic Park boasts a number of popular cafes and brunch spots so here’s my review of the Nest Cafe, the new kid of brunch spots on the block.

I first discovered Nest Cafe through Instagram when I was browsing and came across their very colourful and pretty pictures of their dishes, drinks and tasty treats. It opened in late May and I’ve been meaning to try it for ages BUT finally had the chance to a few weeks ago on two separate occasions.

The cafe is conveniently located along the main food eatery and shopping strip in East Vic Park. Although it’s decor is pretty minimal, I really love the colour scheme of the cafe and it’s signature wall. Makes a gorgeous backdrop for pictures!

During my visits there I ordered a few different things…

For the first visit I ordered the Bacon and Egg Gua Bao. The dish consisted of crispy bacon, light and fluffy scrambled eggs with kimchi pickles and cos lettuce drizzled with soy sauce gravy in a Chinese steamed bun. This dish was pretty damn tasty – only thing is it can get a little messy to eat but that’s the fun part of it!

To drink I had a matcha latte – their coffee art is on point!

The next time I went there I had their potato gem omelette. The dish consisted of crispy potato gems in an omelette with smoked barbecue sauce, zucchini pickles, kale greens, Parmesan cheese, dukkah, shischimi spice and toast. This dish was really good as well – I loved the extra crunchy texture from the potato gems and dukkah. It was a pretty big dish as well and it really filled me up!

On the second visit there I went with my sis and she ordered the chicken and hash dish. It was chicken breast with cumin salsa verde, homemade potato hash, mayo dressing, slow cooked egg, kale, radicchio, coriander and toast. Her verdict was that it was pretty good but it wasn’t that filling. Lucky for her though we ordered their signature strawberry watermelon cake after to try!

I personally loved this cake! It was light and so refreshing from the strawberries and watermelon. I honestly would have eaten 5 slices if I could have!

I also tried their watermelon fruit tea and their orange fruit tea too. I loved the watermelon fruit tea! It was really refreshing. I felt the orange one tasted quite sweet so after awhile the sugar got too much for me. I suggest making a request in next time for less sugar so you can enjoy the whole drink without a potential sugar high after!

The service here was amazing! The staff were all very attentive checking up on us and service was quick. I’m definitely going to be back for the food, fruit tea and desserts!

Nest Cafe

861 Albany Highway

East Victoria Park WA 6101

Thanks for reading! Till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

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