OOTD Post 15 (Madrid) by According To Ing

Ola lovelies,

How are all of you?! Once again I’d like to thank you all for reading the blog and to my followers, thanks so much for your support!

Anyway last weekend was the start of a whirlwind Euro trip with two of my friends. I’ve been so excited for this trip all year! For most of my young adult life I focused first on my studies and work rather than travel. Even when I did travel it was more of doing little trips around Australia, Malaysia and Thailand rather than big ones overseas. Finally I bit the bullet and did it and I’m so proud that I did!

So far each day has been packed with sightseeing, day trips out of Madrid and more. I’ll definitely do a whole post on the highlights of each city when I can but for now, here’s an OOTD post of what I donned for our first stop on the trip, Madrid…

The weather here has been AMAZING, pretty warm all day and it only gets really hot towards early evening. My porcelain print play suit is from Boohoo, cardigan is from Kmart Australia, choker from Lovisa, shoes from Birkenstock and bag from Longchamp.

Here’s a closer look at the choker and my sunnies which are from Country Road. Also here’s me and the bestie Emma!

It’s only been day 3 in Madrid but I’m so in love with this city already! I love the cheap food, the architecture, the history, the shopping and all the friendly people! So much more to see and I’m so looking forward to it!

Anyway that’s all for now lovelies, thanks again for reading! More posts to come…

xx Ing from According To Ing

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