Foodie Post Madrid: Restaurant Palacio de Cibeles ~ by According To Ing

Ola from Seville lovelies!

We’ve started leg 2 of our journey and now we’re in the stunning and beautiful Sevilla. Before I do any other posts I really wanted to do a quick write up about this fantastic restaurant that us girls visited for dinner yesterday for our last night in Madrid called Restaurant Palacio De Cibeles.

So since we’ve had an amazing time eating out and about in Madrid (I’ll write up a post later on about some of our fav eats in Madrid) from markets to small bars and taverns, for our last night in Madrid we wanted to spoil ourselves a bit.

We stumbled upon the Restaurant Palacio De Cibeles when we went to visit the Cybele Palace (Palacio de Cibeles), formerly the Palace of Communication. We flipped through the menu and were impressed by their Summer Dinner menu so we made a booking for our last night.

First things first, the restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the palace with an AMAZING VIEW of the Plaza de Cibeles, Banco de Espana and the Fuente de Cibeles. Being on the fifth floor (one level below the observation deck) meant that we had a pretty panoramic view of the city!

Cheeky selfie 🙈

Here we are enjoying the sunset!

We all ordered the Summer menu for €55 and we also had Sangrias to drink.

For our pre appetiser we had olive juice “Adolfo” and fresh bread from our favourite place out of Madrid, Toledo. For our appetiser shown above, my favourite was the cockles with sea air (the one in the middle).

Countryside courgette flowers with Manchego ratatouille.

This one is called “It’s like the sea in a plate” and it had mussels, cockles, salmon, tuna, sea bass and shrimp. This one was definitely my favourite!

Steamed cod with roasted peppers juice and tobiko eggs.

Marinated venison with crunchy fig bread. So tender and cooked just right!

Orange “Cedric grolet” with bitter orange ice cream and small sweets.

And we also got a platter of dark chocolate and marzipan (I think?).

The staff there were all amazing! They were all really attentive and friendly as we chatted to them about the places we’d been to so far and more. We even had the chance to befriend the head chef Javier and shared a drink with him at the bar section of the restaurant.

Overall dining here was an experience to remember…from the breathtaking view, the amazing food and the hospitality of all staff that made us feel so welcomed and at home there. How often can do you see a head chef who is kind enough to take the time to get to know his customers and share a drink with them?

I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough.

Check out their website for more details:

Palacio De Cibeles

That’s all for now! Take care lovelies!

xx Ing from According To Ing

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