Viva! life Photography Review by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

I’m finally back in Perth after all my holiday-ing and after three weeks of non-stop adventures (which I will write about soon) it’s time to get back to the daily grind!

Shortly before I started my holiday in early September this year I found out I won a contest for a free glamour photography shoot at Viva! Photography in Fremantle. The prize included a voucher to spend on any products or artwork after.

From the start of my experience with the Viva team (when they first called to let me know I won) all the staff were always so professional, polite, friendly and were easy to communicate with.

My photographer was Mitch and a few days before my shoot he called me to get an idea of what kind of photoshoot I wanted. From the start Mitch was always friendly, enthusiastic and open to my ideas. For this shoot I wanted to do a floral themed one as a play on the growth, self love and improvement I’ve had over this past year (#selfloveisthebestlove). Not only was Mitch on board with my ideas but he was so creative and enthusiastic about it that even I got more confident and excited about it. Instead of feeling all shy and self conscious I ended up coming out of my shell and having a blast!

As a result of the amazing service by the whole team (especially Mitch) I had a really fun and creative photo shoot. I can’t recommend this place highly enough and I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks!

Thanks so much to the Viva Photography team at Fremantle. Much love to them and here’s a few pics from the shoot (I’ll be using most of them for the blog and Insta etc)..

Viva Photography Fremantle

1/11 Cantonment St, Fremantle WA 6160

(08) 9336 6366

Thanks so much for reading lovelies! If you are in any need of a portrait or wedding photographer in Perth, WA consider the Viva team in Fremantle. They won’t let you down!

Also my amazing flower crown is by Quirky Stylin on Etsy. Check out her amazing wearable art work!

Till next time lovelies!

xx Ing from According To Ing


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