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Hi lovelies,

Can’t believe it’s February already! This post is a quick review on one of the newest and most Insta worthy dessert places in Northbridge, Perth. I’m writing this post as I’m getting an amazing hair wash, cut and treatment at Morph Salon so I’m incredibly relaxed and I hope what I’m writing isn’t gibberish. 😂 PS who else absolutely loves getting their hair washed and all?!

Nobibi Perth opened up in late last year and sure enough it gained popularity not only from its quirky and insta worthy aesthetics (did I mention there’s a ball pit and hanging bubble chairs?) but also it’s almost too pretty to eat desserts and drinks.

So first the drinks and food. Here’s what Darren and I ordered…

On the drinks menu they had a wide variety of cold drinks like bubble teas, signature drinks and the usual coffees and such. I ordered one of their signature drinks called the Sakura Lychee soda as seen below. How pretty does it look? It was refreshingly light and fruity (which was appreciated on that scorcher of a hot day!).

Darren ordered a Matcha Mad which was actually pretty good! Some places make their matcha drinks really sweet and too milky/creamy but this one was just right for me. They had a unicorn latte but perhaps that’s one for me to try next time…

The menu at Nobibi includes heaps of different soft serve desserts with flavours such as black tiramisu, the usual vanilla, caramel, matcha and more. Their signature is a soft serve with fairy floss and toppings decorated around it.

You can choose whatever toppings you want with your soft serve but I went all boring and just got chocolate. To be fair I had a big lunch before this so I was pretty stuffed!

To be honest the soft serve was pretty average and perhaps if I ordered some of their other things on the menu I might have been proven wrong. Their desserts were relatively pricey and I’ve read reviews by other foodies that the glammed up desserts are all pretty to look at but not exactly anything new or special in the Perth food scene.

While I was there the place was absolutely packed so in my original pictures you couldn’t really see the place clearly. Instead the two photos below are from Foodie in Paradise’s Review on Zomato to show you a clear photo of what the place looks like without the crazy crowd in the way.

The rest of these photos are mine…

Overall I personally recommend Nobibi Perth for its cute decor and insta-worthiness. It’s a real fun place to catch up with friends, snap away at selfies and enjoy the drinks. I’ll probably go back again to try their other drinks however I may pass on the soft serve desserts. In Perth there’s so many other ice creameries like Chi Cho Gelato and Whisk creamery and Jersey Jack that have really creative, photographic and most importantly tasty ice cream and gelato that’s blow Nobibi’s desserts out of the water completely in my opinion at least.

Anyway thanks so much for reading! I hope you’re all having an amazing February so far! Feel free to comment and share what your favourite desserts are! Take care lovelies and till next time.

xx Ing from According to Ing

One thought on “NoBibi Perth ~ Foodie Post by According To Ing

  1. That’s a tough one…in winter I’d say the taro balls from Jiu Fen Taiwan are my favourite. Chewy, not too sweet, warm and some light fermentation happening in the hot broth. Failing that I’d go carrot cake and custard.

    Summer I’d say vanilla ice cream with jelly or fresh mochi (any time of the year). Craving some Durian icecream from Indo at the moment though.

    Thanks for the post.


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