Nest Cafe ~ Foodie Post By According To Ing

Hi everyone,

I hope everything is well with you all! Today I’m just writing a quick review post on a relatively newbie cafe in East Victoria Park, WA called Nest Cafe. Vic Park boasts a number of popular cafes and brunch spots so here’s my review of the Nest Cafe, the new kid of brunch spots on the block.

I first discovered Nest Cafe through Instagram when I was browsing and came across their very colourful and pretty pictures of their dishes, drinks and tasty treats. It opened in late May and I’ve been meaning to try it for ages BUT finally had the chance to a few weeks ago on two separate occasions.

The cafe is conveniently located along the main food eatery and shopping strip in East Vic Park. Although it’s decor is pretty minimal, I really love the colour scheme of the cafe and it’s signature wall. Makes a gorgeous backdrop for pictures!

During my visits there I ordered a few different things…

For the first visit I ordered the Bacon and Egg Gua Bao. The dish consisted of crispy bacon, light and fluffy scrambled eggs with kimchi pickles and cos lettuce drizzled with soy sauce gravy in a Chinese steamed bun. This dish was pretty damn tasty – only thing is it can get a little messy to eat but that’s the fun part of it!

To drink I had a matcha latte – their coffee art is on point!

The next time I went there I had their potato gem omelette. The dish consisted of crispy potato gems in an omelette with smoked barbecue sauce, zucchini pickles, kale greens, Parmesan cheese, dukkah, shischimi spice and toast. This dish was really good as well – I loved the extra crunchy texture from the potato gems and dukkah. It was a pretty big dish as well and it really filled me up!

On the second visit there I went with my sis and she ordered the chicken and hash dish. It was chicken breast with cumin salsa verde, homemade potato hash, mayo dressing, slow cooked egg, kale, radicchio, coriander and toast. Her verdict was that it was pretty good but it wasn’t that filling. Lucky for her though we ordered their signature strawberry watermelon cake after to try!

I personally loved this cake! It was light and so refreshing from the strawberries and watermelon. I honestly would have eaten 5 slices if I could have!

I also tried their watermelon fruit tea and their orange fruit tea too. I loved the watermelon fruit tea! It was really refreshing. I felt the orange one tasted quite sweet so after awhile the sugar got too much for me. I suggest making a request in next time for less sugar so you can enjoy the whole drink without a potential sugar high after!

The service here was amazing! The staff were all very attentive checking up on us and service was quick. I’m definitely going to be back for the food, fruit tea and desserts!

Nest Cafe

861 Albany Highway

East Victoria Park WA 6101

Thanks for reading! Till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing


OOTD Post 14 by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How’s everyone been? Today’s post is an OOTD of what I wore out for brunch and dessert with my friend Darren in Victoria Park, Perth.

The weather in Perth this weekend has been erratic – patches of sunny weather one minute followed by dark storm clouds, heavy rain and wind within a matter of minutes!

I layered up for today with a chiffon cat collared top from SHEIN under a mustard coloured sweater from Seed Heritage. I’ve been inspired to pair more patterns, print and colours in my winter outfits from the different Korean and Chinese dramas I’ve been binging on lately. Absolutely love the fashion and costumes in them. Also my recent favourite binge has been the new remake of Meteor Garden!

Here’s a closer look at the cat collar on the shirt!

My ripped jeans are from Dotti and my coat is from H & M. I’m pretty short so I was so stoked to finally find a long coat that fit and didn’t make me look even shorter than I already am! My satchel bag is from Monki and my shoes are from Novo.

Anyways that’s all for now. Thanks so much for reading this post and checking out the blog!

I’ll leave you with a drool worthy picture of dessert from today! Darren and I had a s’mores dip with crackers from Brown Spoon Cafe.

Till next time lovelies!

xx Ing from According To Ing

Little Matcha Girl ~ Foodie Post by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

Happy Saturday! I hope you’re all having an amazing weekend so far! Today I’m writing about my recent experience at a popular dessert spot in Perth – Little Matcha Girl.

So Little Matcha Girl is renowned for their cakes and pastries (which combines a fusion between Japanese flavours and classic French pastry technique) and you guessed it…their matcha tea. Their matcha is sourced from an independent family farm in Kyoto. If you can’t get enough of it, they also sell their matcha and tea accessories too so you can take some of that matcha goodness home with you!

Recently they introduced a matcha fondue at the store, a special which they have on some Saturday and Sunday nights and for limited spots which you can book. If you’re unable to make a booking for it (like we were as the spots sold out fast), you might be able to get a walk in spot but they too are limited. Moral of the story is find out when they have the specials (stay updated via their Instagram page) and just book it in advance!

Darren, Wellic and I got lucky as we weren’t able to make a booking BUT we got the last walk in spot for the night. So here it is…

So the Matcha Fondue was for 3 people and all up for three people it cost $45.00. The matcha was warmed up by a tea candle and the items for dipping in were fresh fruit like strawberries and bananas, savoury items like pretzels and black sesame biscuits and sweet items like marshmallows, brioche and brownies.

So when I first heard about this matcha fondue I’ll admit I was concerned that it’d be sickeningly sweet (I’ve had my fair share of nasty matcha lattes and ice creams that ended up being really sweet) but I was really surprised (and thankful) that this wasn’t the case with the fondue. All the flavours of the dipping items just blended so well together with that beautiful matcha and while I felt I was about to go into a food coma at the end of it, I never felt a matcha overload!

In addition to that we also ordered hot drinks and a cake!

I ordered a Goma Latte made out of black sesame paste, Darren ordered the Genmaicha Latte and Wellic ordered a Matcha Latte. That Goma Latte is legitly one of my new favourite hot drinks for winter this year.

We actually finished all of it except for a tiny part of the black sesame cheesecake which I wasn’t too much of a fan of. Overall everything from the matcha fondue to the drinks was so well balanced – the flavours were never too subtle or too overpowering and it was amazing! I’d highly recommend checking it out because a warm dessert fondue on a cold winter night is pretty perfect. You can book a spot by emailing or calling them.


4/10 Preston Street,

Como WA 6152

Phone: 08 6161 1205


That’s all for now! Thanks so much for reading lovelies. Till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

OOTD Post 13 by According To Ing

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! I hope you all are having an awesome start to your weekend. It’s been awhile since I last posted an OOTD pic and recently I ordered this faux fur jacket from Shein and it arrived last week!

Tonight I went out for dinner with my friends Darren and Wellic and since the nights in Perth have been getting colder (it even got to 8 degrees Celsius while we were out tonight) I thought it was the right weather to wear the jacket out.

Here’s the complete look!

So I’ve seen faux fur jackets like this in many of the fashion retail stores around Perth and Sydney and at first I couldn’t really appreciate them…especially since some of them are really pricey but the material shed quite easily. I finally found a reasonably priced one on Shein with additional discounts from a sale (amen for bargain shopping) and I’m in love with it! Even though the jacket was cheaper than those I’ve seen in stores it’s still so warm, soft and lined on the inside.

Under the jacket I wore a maroon crop top from Topshop, my grey high waisted ripped jeans are from Sportsgirl, my boots are from Target and my clutch is from Colette.

While we were in Leederville we stopped over at Gusto Gelato to try out this special they are currently having – turning your chosen choice of gelato into a hot drink or “hot chocolate”. I chose the salted caramel gelato and thankfully it wasn’t sweet but it did remind me of popcorn!

And here’s dinner!! Nothing like starting the weekend with good company and good food right?

Anyway that’s all for this OOTD post, thanks so much for reading! Till next time lovelies!!

xx Ing from According To Ing

Drip Cake in Buttercream workshop at Bake Boss, Jandakot ~ by According To Ing

Hey lovelies,

How’s it going? I hope all is well with you all and once again I’d just like to say thanks for reading the blog!

So my friend Chloe and I had so much fun with our last baking (or cake decorating) workshop with De Baker that we were really keen on searching up and joining more baking workshops. Whilst researching I came across Bake Boss Jandakot and when we saw all the different types of baking workshops they hold, we were sold!

Bake Boss is a cake decorating and supplies company that started off in Victoria in 2011. Since then it has grown nationwide and even extended its branches into New Zealand.

The spread of their baking and cake decorating supplies was really impressive at the Jandakot store. They sold items to suit all levels of bakers such as ready made cakes all waiting to be decorated, packets of cake mixes and tubs of ganache for the beginners, to a huge spread of cake decorating tools, cake display and packaging items, air brush equipment and more for the more experienced bakers. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures of the store itself BUT here’s one of the “Create a Cake” area where you can personalise your own cake.

Not only do they have a massive spread of baking and decorating supplies, they also have an area in the shop that’s used for their workshops and classes. Our class was the “Drip Cake in Buttercream” which has a maximum of 8 people and lasts for 4 hours max (we finished in 2 and a half though for this session).

Just like at our workshop with De Baker, everything was provided for us here at Bake Boss. Each station was decked out with a chocolate cake (cut into three layers), buttercream, piping bags filled with icing, spatulas, knives, scraper, turntable and apron.

Our Bake Boss at the Jandakot branch was Joe. Joe was really friendly and approachable from the start, he talked us through each of the steps and went around just having a chat whilst helping us and giving us helpful tips and tricks of the trade. The best thing was that there was a camera and screen so that everyone could clearly see what he was doing!

So first step was putting buttercream between each layer/level of the cakes. Once we were done with that we had to coat a smooth and even layer around the outside of the cake.

After that we piped blue icing all around the cake and had to use the spatula and scraper to make it smooth and even. I made a bit of a mess but Joe was there to help!

Once we had put on the blue icing, we had the choice to use different coloured icing to make that watercolour effect.

Once everyone was happy with the colours on their cake, we got to the fun and messy part – making the “drip” effect! We put some white chocolate ganache (with pink colouring) into some piping bags and Joe showed us how to carefully create the drip effect! Here’s mine!

Then we each used the lollies provided to us to decorate them further! Here’s my final product!

And here is Chloe’s!

Everyone’s was all so different and unique one way or another! How pretty do they look?!

A few of us in the class were beginners, so it was safe to say that we weren’t 100% convinced we could recreate these gorgeous drip cakes. Joe however was really attentive, was very encouraging and was always willing to lend a hand. We had so much fun in this class and I highly recommend this for any beginner baker or baking enthusiast!

Thanks so much to the friendly team at Bake Boss Jandakot for helping us make these amazing cakes! I’ll definitely be signing up for more of these classes!

That’s all for now lovelies! Thanks for reading and take care!

xx Ing from According to Ing

The Capsule Hotel, Sydney review by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone doing?! May has been crazy busy so far but one of the exciting things I did was take a short weekend trip to Sydney to catch up with some friends and for Vivid Sydney 2018.

For the first part of my trip I stayed at a hostel/backpackers lodge called The Capsule Hotel. The Capsule Hotel is very centrally located along in the city along George Street near places like World Square, Town Hall Train station, The Queen Victoria Building and so many others!

I personally prefer staying in hotels or Air BnBs when I travel as I’m really particular about cleanliness and privacy. Normally sharing bathrooms and common areas with others isn’t really my first option BUT my experience at the Capsule Hotel was really good! Definitely good enough to convince me to stay in more hostels whilst travelling.

The lobby of the hotel is on the 3rd floor of the building and the area holds a shared kitchen space and dining area. Check in was fast, easy and the staff were nothing but friendly and welcoming.

My pod was located in the 5th floor and the pods are located in dorm rooms. Each pod has its own assigned cupboard that you can access with your pod key card.

So the Capsule Hotel is similar to those that they have in Japan – each pod consists of its own single bed and is well equipped with its own Android TV, control panel for the room, power plugs/USB plugs, a safe and a small foldable side table.

I was a bit unsure about whether I’d feel cramped in it but it was a lot more spacious than I thought. I could easily sit up and stretch out with plenty of space to spare!

There were 2-3 lots of bathrooms/toilets on each floor and they contained two shower rooms and a toilet. The bathrooms and toilets were all really clean and you could also borrow a hair dryer from the front desk if you needed.

Even though the hotel was right in the middle of George Street in the city and there was a bar and lounge on the 1st and 2nd floor of the building, I was so surprised (and grateful since I was so exhausted) at how quiet it was in the pods! In the common areas I could hear the sound of traffic and pedestrians from below but in the pod it was so quiet that I easily fell asleep! Even the other patrons of the hotel were very respectful and quiet when they returned from their night out.

When it was check out time (at 10am) I was able to leave my bags safely in a locked room at the lobby whilst I went out and explored the city for a bit. This place was a bit of a hidden gem all for AU$65 per night!

My rating:

  • Location 5/5
  • Price 4/5
  • Service 4/5
  • Cleanliness 4/5
  • Comfort 4/5
  • Experience 4/5

Overall I don’t really have anything to complain about my stay at the Capsule Hotel Sydney. I loved the decor of the place, the rooms were comfy and private, I met some nice travellers there, the staff were friendly and the location was excellent! I’ll definitely be back here if I need a hotel in Sydney again!

Anyway that’s all for now lovelies! Thanks for reading and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

The Capsule Hotel

Level 3, 640 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

(Entrance at Liverpool Street, next to ANZ Bank)

Tel: +61 2 8957 7763


Sweetheart stack workshop with De Baker by According to Ing

Hello everyone,

How are you all? I hope all is well with you! So far since the start of the year I’ve been attending numerous workshops and have been spending a lot of time trying to learn all these exciting things that I’ve always wanted to. The workshop I attended today is called the “Sweetheart Stack Decorating Workshop” by Danica from De Baker.

Firstly what is a sweetheart stack?

So if you’ve been keeping up with the latest baking trends you’re most likely familiar with cookie stacks (or otherwise known as cookie cakes). Cookie cakes are pretty much just layers of cookies with frosting/buttercream piped in between the layers and on top. These are some of my favourite types that I’ve seen on Instagram and Pintrest:



The decorations on top of them are what really catches the eye. How pretty do they look?! Its no wonder these cookie stack cakes have become so trendy and are a popular alternatives to cakes!

So today one of my besties, Chloe and I went to Lakeside Joondalup to attend the Sweetheart Stack decorating workshop by Danica. The workshop took place at The Market Hub Perth‘s pop up store in the mall and it was a small workshop with two tables set up. On the tables were De Baker boxes for each participant (which had a piping bag, gloves and two heart shaped cookies), a tub of buttercream frosting each and bowls of different items for decorating.


When everyone arrived Danica gave us a short introduction about herself. She’s a self taught baker who owns her baking business in Caversham, WA. Danica was lovely and she and all her assistants were very friendly, helpful and attentive throughout the workshop.

First we had to pipe buttercream on our first heart cookie layer – I admit I’m still an amateur with piping (and I may have broken my piping bag) but Danica gave me a demonstration and tips on how to pipe my buttercream properly.



Once that was done, we had to gently put the second cookie layer on top and pipe that top layer again (so much piping and a great workout for arms and hands haha!).

P1060649.jpg 1


When we finished frosting the top layer that’s when we started to get creative and started decorating! Everyone had most fun with this part and we had so many decorations to choose from – sprinkles, flowers, macaroons, meringues, cookies and so much more! This one is my final sweetheart cookie stack:



And here is Chloe’s:



Throughout the workshop heaps of people walked by and so many of them stopped to watch and comment on how beautiful all our sweetheart stacks looked. Chloe and I really had a great time with this workshop and the best thing is that Danica gave everyone her sugar cookie recipe so we can re-create these at home (WIN!).

Here’s another picture of my sweetheart stack!


Thank you so much to Danica and her team from De Baker! I loved the workshop and had lots of fun whilst learning. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more workshops from De Baker!

If you would like to see more of De Baker’s work or contact them to make orders, their contact is as below.


Also note that The Market Hub Perth has some other amazing creative workshops in store over the next month or so such as the Cactus Embroidery workshop, Botanical Resin Art, Go with the Acrylic Flow and more! You can book these workshops here!

Thanks so much for reading lovelies! Enjoy the rest of your week and till next time!

xx Ing from According to Ing

Styling workshop with Patricia Field ~ by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

I hope things have been well with all of you. I just realised how long it’s been since I last posted and even though heaps of stuff has been happening, I’ll admit I’ve been a bit forgetful to write about it. Nevertheless better late than never!

So today I’ll be writing about a styling workshop I attended last month with the amazing Patricia Field. Patricia Field is the costume designer for TV shows and movies like Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and is a stylist to many of the stars in Hollywood.

The workshop was held at Lakeside Joondalup as part of their Urban Couture Program. The Urban Couture Program is an initiative designed to commend the amazing work of local fashion designers, artists, photographers and all-round creative individuals through a program of events, masterclasses and workshops. One of those workshops was the “Styling with Patricia Field” workshop which I won VIP passes to!

So two weeks or so before the workshop I saw a competition on Lakeside Joondalup’s Instagram page to win VIP tickets to the event. I tried my luck and joined it without any expectations of winning yet much to my surprise I actually was one of the winners!

For the event I brought Michelle and we got the VIP treatment of free finger food and drinks, VIP seating at the front and a voucher for the mall.

The workshop comprised of three parts and was hosted by a local Fashion Stylist Andrea Tonkin. The first part comprised of an interview and Q&A session with Patricia, the second was a styling session where 5 of the VIP winners were chosen to get an outfit makeover and the third was a meet and greet with her.

When Patricia came on stage the whole audience and even passerbys started cheering and applauding for her. Patricia is extremely witty and has a great sense of humour which was evident throughout the workshop through her little jokes and banter with the host. She shared a lot of ideas and some of the main tips/tricks that I learned from her are:

• When it comes to fashion, mix it up! Patricia feels an outfit comprised of only couture items is boring BUT outfits mixed up with a vintage item etc gives more colour, personality and more life.

• You don’t have to follow trends. Patricia commented numerous times on how she dislikes the, especially the cold shoulder trend!

• Be creative! Patricia used random items like socks/stockings and cut holes in them to make gloves and used necklaces as belts to jazz up plain outfits.

• Wear what YOU feel comfortable in and most confident in. Throughout the styling workshop she never pushed any of the girls out of their comfort zones.

• It doesn’t matter where your clothes come from, what matters is how YOU feel in them.

After the interview, 5 audience members were then given a fashion makeover out of garments sourced from Lakeside Joondalup retailers. After the 5 girls all were dolled up on their new outfits Patricia then showed the audience some of the most iconic Sex & The City costumes. As a major fan of the show I was so excited to see Carrie’s famous tulle skirt from the intro, the big flower dress from the movie and even the bird from Carrie’s wedding!

We then had the chance to meet her and I had such a big fan girl moment! When it was my turn I went up to her and gave her a hug whilst commenting on how happy I was to meet her. She complimented my outfit and I nearly passed out!

This was definitely an experience to remember! I got to meet one of my fashion idols, learned some interesting things and experienced a fashion workshop with a celebrity stylist.

Here’s to more many exciting and spontaneous experiences in 2018 for me! Thanks for reading my posts lovelies and thanks so much to my new followers. I really appreciate your support. Take care and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

Six Willows Cafe Review ~ Foodie Post by According To Ing

Hi everyone,

How’s it going? Good hopefully! Anyway here’s a quick review of another cafe I went to recently with my friend Darren called Six Willows cafe. Just like Gordon Street Garage in my last post, I’ve been to Six Willows a few times before but have just never gotten around to writing a review on it.

Six Willows is a small suburban cafe located in a neighbourhood south of the river in Perth. Although it’s quite small, there’s indoor and outdoor seating (perfect for bringing along your dogs) and a little retail area selling some lovely WA local artisan wares like handmade jewellery, art, keep cups/bottles and so much more.

I love how the atmosphere here is always very laid back, the staff are always friendly and it’s just got a really nice and relaxing air about the place. Back when I was studying I used to stop over there at times for a quick coffee whilst reading or studying – good coffee and dessert whilst reading/studying…what a perfect combo!

The food menu for Six Willows is an all day brunch menu with options for lighter meals like smoothie bowls, salads and bruschetta or more filling dishes like brekkie burgers, the Six Willows Rustic Breakfast (with the works!), eggs Benedict and more. Six Willows also has baked goods and treats to order (which I maybe should have done instead of being greedy and ordering three mains instead). The good thing is that for brunch food and cafe prices, the food at Six Willows is pretty reasonable with the most expensive dish being $20. If you’re looking to not break the bank whilst craving a bit of brunch, this is definitely a place to consider.

To eat Darren ordered a breakfast burger which consists of sous vide beef, a fried egg, bacon strips, American cheese, lettuce, house beetroot relish and hollandaise sauce in a brioche bun.

I ordered the banofee pancakes (banana pancakes with salted caramel sauce, cookie crumb, whipped cream and sliced bananas and strawberries) and they were so good! Thankfully the caramel sauce wasn’t too sweet and I really liked how well it all tasted together! How pretty does it look by the way?

And because Darren and I were really hungry, we ordered a third dish to share! The third was the “I love you berry matcha” French toast with matcha brioche French toast with white chocolate, strawberry mouse, matcha ganache, fresh strawberries and lychees and vanilla ice cream. Once again, another pretty looking dish! This was pretty good as well but I personally was too full after finishing my pancakes to eat lots of this.

To drink I had a spearmint milkshake for this meal. I’ve ordered some of their coffees before and I enjoyed them but today I felt like a milkshake….which was pretty average. I’ll probably try one of their smoothies or their Nutella gourmet milkshake next time.

Overall what do I have to say about Six Willows? It’s definitely a cute little suburban cafe lots of good eats and good coffee that’s reasonably priced, the staff are always friendly and I love how chilled out the place is! They also hold workshops there on some weekends and during school holidays which I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for.

That’s all for now! Take care lovelies and till next time!

xx Ing from According To Ing

Gordon Street Garage and Mop Donuts~ Foodie post by According To Ing

Hi lovelies,

How’s everyone doing? Here’s just a quick review of one of my favourite cafes (mainly cause it’s so pretty) in Perth called Gordon Street Garage.

Gordon Street Garage is located in Perth city within walking distance from the Watertown discount outlet mall. I’ve been here many times before but on this most recent trip I brought along my friend Darren to try it out.

Gordon Street Garage is a two story cafe and restaurant with a roastery in it (Mano Coffee Roastery) that’s been converted from a garage. The whole cafe’s design aesthetic is quite minimal but they have cute little booths to sit in indoors and a small courtyard section to sit outdoors.

The restaurant has two different menus (one for brunch and the other lunch) and we arrived at 10ish just in time for brunch (as after 11.45am they swap over to the lunch/dinner menu). I ordered an iced decaf mocha to drink (which was perfect to cool me down on a hot Perth summer day!) and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t too bitter or too sweet which has been the case with some iced coffee drinks I’ve ordered from other places. To eat, Darren ordered some baked eggs and wood-fired lamb shoulder with harissa, cornbread, labne and greens. Mmmmm I love cornbread. Darren liked it and ate it all!

I ordered a salmon omelette with coriander, spring onion, chilli, radish and lime. The omelette was light and fluffy and seasoned well (not too salty despite the salmon in it) and I enjoyed it too! It was pretty big though so I needed some help from Darren to finish it off. The wood fired lamb shoulder cost $24 and my omelette cost $22.

After we ate, we decided to explore the outdoor seating area behind restaurant. The small courtyard was a shaded area with foliage, mix and match stools, chairs and tables. Whilst we were there, we noticed lots of people taking pictures and we joined in (naturally)!

Overall, I’ve been to Gordon Street Garage many times since its opened and for my most recent review I’d have to say that the setting/environment is still one of the best that I’ve been to in regards to Perth cafes, service was pretty good, the coffee was nice and the food was nice and well cooked but the menu was a bit limited (would have loved a big brekkie with the works) and we were keen to order bread on the menu but found out that we’d only get two slices of it for $7. If you’re in Perth looking for a pretty cafe to dine at this would be one of them!

After that we went and explored the Perth Fringe Festival and did some shopping in the city. Towards the later part of the afternoon we started feeling peckish again so we went to Mop Donuts in Perth City and got some dessert!

So I ordered a Mint Aero donut which was filled with Mint Aero custard and was $4.90 and Darren ordered the Curly Wurly which was filled with salted caramel custard, had a salted caramel glaze and a curly wurly strap on top and was $5.90. If you’re like me and are crazy for mint chocolate, GET the mint aero donut! It was so good!

Anyway that’s all for now lovelies! Take care and in my next post I’ll be writing about some of the Perth Fringe World Festival events that I attended! Thanks for reading!

xx Ing from According To Ing

📸 Shout out to Darren for being the photographer for the day! Thanks!